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hi sorry for intruding just wondering what are the symptoms for brain mets?

Hi izzati

Whilst you are waiting for a reply from the other users you may find the fact sheet on brain mets answers your question. It can be found by following this link:-

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The symptoms depend on where in the brain the mets are situated.
With my 3 brain mets the main symptoms were headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, although I had been feeling under par for the previous 2-3 months and my tumor markers in my blood tests had been rising.
Friends of friends with brain tumors have experienced vision problems, balance problems, personality changes, and various other symptoms.
Would it be rude to ask why you are curious?
Love, Lynn

Hi Lynnferg and izzati

I have had 2 brain mets removed, the first one was big but in an eazier place to get to I think of myself and the family being blessed as I only knew about it after I had dropped off 2 of my 3 sons to the surf and the siezure while watching my son play basketball and then making lots of circles before hitting the floor on my face, My breast surgeon didnt scan peoples heads as part of the routine because it was so rare - he is now though…

The 2nd was smaller, I had radiotherapy in Sydney with a Dr Smee who is an expert in it all. It worked for 80 of patients but not me so the small tumore k.
ept growing.

12weeks ago I had it removed here on the gold coast with my great surgeon and she did very well. Im off next week for a brain MRI so I am praying that it hasnt spread any more…I am getting very close to my 2 year prediction from the main men, and I am determined to prove them wrong!!

Lynn did you have a scan of your brain after your BC was diagnosed, it wasnt an Aussie thing to do, but I often wonder if you brits had it all sussed out?

I hope you are having more good days than bad. Ive just gone back on dilantin, I had a really bazzar when I lost how to say works for thing like "dentist, teeth coffee etc etc, dont know it is was from tumor or being tired an worn out??? Will find out next week…

take great care both ot you

love Suzy the queenslander

Take care girls

Dear suzy39
I originally had bc in 2003 & Inflammatory BC in 2006. Didn’t have brain scans either time. I had a body scan at the beginning of the year when I was becoming increasingly convinced that the cancer was back, partly because of feeling unwell and partly due to rising tumor markers in blood tests. The brain scan was not done until I developed nausea & vomiting, which are symptoms indicating brain tumors.
The Xeloda seems to be working really well on the brain tumors, so much so that I can phase out the steroids, so I should be off them some time next week.
Love, Lynn

hi…thanks… im having problems with my balance and half of my body…the doctors said it may be due to my chemo…hopefully it is so. im’so tired…i’ll be seeing my specialist tomorrow…

Let us know how you get on…

Hi all had brain tumour too had it opperated on in may 2008 . feel well though was being sick, put me back on steriods as told come of them to quick ! so i had to come of them slowly over 6 weeks slowly going down.

i wondered if tykerb was avaiable yet ! as this goes through the brain barrier, is that truth !
Good luck with further progress…


Hi Sophie
Was only thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were getting on after your op. If you remember my daughter Lisa had brain tumour op in March … very large tumour …and unfortunately she had lots of complications which followed and died in June … but I have often thought about you. Incidentally Lisa was told that after Whole Brain Rads chemo will get through the blood brain barrier as WBR breaks it down or something. Unfortunately it was too late for Lisa although she had just started on more chemo. Incidentally we had post mortem done … Drs asked if they could and we agreed knowing that Lisa would have wanted it done … and she had no cancer anywhere else in her body except in her brain … all organs were healthy … so all the chemo she had received last year had worked on the cancer cells in her body including the breast.
If anyone would like me to tell them about the post mortem I will post. Only received the report about 3 weeks ago but didn’t want to just post about it unless anyone was interested.
Love Sue x

Hi Sue

I think that a lot of people would be interested in reading about lisa’s post mortem, but only if you really feel up to it.

I followed Lisa’s story every day, although did not post as much as others, but thought that she and yourself were so very brave right to the end.

I hope that you are doing OK, and although you life has been savagedly ripped apart, that you are finding some comfort and managing to cope.

Take care and lots of love

Hi Sue,

It’s so good to hear from you, and I often think about you and the fight Lisa put ut.

Her courage against IBC, and everything that happened has given me strength.

I’d be interested to read the PM report too, when you feel strong enough to share, as it gives great insight into how this disease works.

Love as ever to you & yours, Rebecca x

Hi Sue, nice to hear from u too ! sorry to hear about Lisa. I have had surgery . feeling bit better at moment as on steriods for anothe 2 weeks, as was sick for 3 weeks the specielist said i came of steriods to quickly after the brain op as he cant find anything on the scans . lets hope hay ! Sue how r u doing ! keeping on this site must keep u strong ?


hi…everyone i’m back after my brain radiotherapy… i just want to know is it normal to be having heaviness of my right body… and still having vission problemes…it is controlled with steroids…and getting better is it normal…how long are you guys on steroid and what is the normal dosage… i’m on dexamethasone 1.5 mg twice daily is it to high?

My Brain Met symptoms started with headaches and a runny nose but they but this down to Heceptin. Then vision problems followed by the odd occasion that someone had my head in a vice which lasted just a few second From about two weeks from when I was actually diagnosed I realised now that my health was really going down hill. My body was bruising very easily hair was looking terrible and I started vomiting in the morning. A&E doctor totally treated me like a waste of time it was my Husbands persistance and my own Doctor that spotted me and managed to get me into hospital that same day.
Did not help that my blood did not show any markers and everyone thought I was looking well.