brain mets?

Hi all,

I went back for my first follow up with Doc since surgery. Before DX had dizzy spells with feeling sick and increased headaches, didn’t think much of it to be honest as I have a busy life. Anyway I mentioned it to Doc as I am still getting them so now have a Ct head scan planned. I don’t know if I should be worried or not. hubby is but he always gets like that when they suggest another test.

What are the symptoms of brain mets???

thanks for any info.


Hi Vicky,

Welcome to the club!!! where everyone asks could this be IT again. I had similar symptoms that went on for many weeks and was sent for an urgent mri brain scan. I didn’t have the CT one because I am allergic to the contrast dye they use. It was a very worrying time because I already have secondaries. Everything was fine - sighs of relief all round. But you have been very wise in getting this checked out. I am not sure exactly what symptoms you should be looking for because they are very varied from person to person. Some even have no symptoms.
Do let us know how you get on.


Hi Vicky

The symptoms you have could be brain mets or could be a range of other much less serious problems…or just wear and tear and stress of life! I have read that the headaches with brain mets are usally there in the morning,then may go away but get worse over time.

Really hope your scan is OK…and that like Dawn there is an innocent explanation.

best wishes


thanks ladies,

to be honest when I raised it to doc didn’t even consider anything with brain(well hope I have one but you know what I mean!!). I was more concerned of a re-occurance as this was symptoms before BC dx and as scar is lumpy thought would get ultrasound of scar but he felt it and stated it was ok.

CT scan is on 17th so they have got me in quick but think once you are in the loop you get in sooner rather than later. the sad thing is - family drive me crazy with worry when I am relaxed about it - I mean if it is what can I do about it??? better to know than not.

will let you know the outcome. thanks again.


They could be symptoms of brain mets but equally a hundred more common and benign things so try not to stress too much.

I was diagnosed with brain mets about a month ago and there was no doubt about it as I had a seizure and woke up in hospital 2 days later (thanks to quick thinking of soon to be hubby).

Since then I’ve been alternating between paranoia and calm, saw the doc today and all is looking good for now after treatment.

I only say this because if you’re worrying about what may be you could be causing half of those symptoms as my symptoms calmed down a lot after my GP said everything’s looking good right now.

Paranoia’s evil in my opinion.


Thanks Angie and I hope you continue to be well.

Must of been really scarey for OH when that happened, and like I said before I didn’t think brain mets but poss re-occurance. Just want to have test now and am not worried, more worried about my hickman line as district nurse said the site looks “angry” this morning so might have an infection - more fun eh!!!

take care. oh doc said that they would write to me with the outcome of scan so really feel he is doing this test as a pre-caution rather than real concern it is brain mets.


had ct scan yesterday, the original appointment was cancelled due to admission to Christies with infection and 0.1 nutros!!!
It took two attempts to get a line due to vein damage. can’t use my central line as the contast can damage the plastic!! great eh.

it was painless and just waiting for the results. not overly concerned but still getting headaches but with all my stresses at the moment I think I would be strange not to have them.

will let you know once get results - they said two days which is good.


well went for chemo on monday and asked for my results - the onc said " my brain appears clear". I am getting used to the appears but am so glad thats its clear to me!!!

thanks for all your support.