Brain mets

Starting whole brain radiotherapy to not sure what to expect iv got to have 5 sessions for small lesions anyone had any experience or any advise plz?

Hi Jule65,


Spotted no one has replied to your post and can only imagine the apprehension you may be feeling. My partner’s sister had radio for mets in the brain from a highly aggressive lung cancer (not linked to breast cancer at all). I’m aware the radiographers made a mesh frame to keep her head in the same position through radiotherapy sessions. So you might want to prepare yourself for that. 

I wouldn’t like to comment on side effects, since for her it was difficult to know what was caused by the lung cancer mets in the brain and what was a side effect.


I hope someone can give you more info from first hand experience.


Sending hugs

Seabreeze x

RHi Jule65, personally I can’t really help but do remember reading other threads about it, so had a look back and found this, hope it helps. I’m pretty sure it’s been talked about in at least one other thread but I can’t find it at the moment, will post if I do. I will also bump it up. Wishing you well with your treatment. Kate x