Brands of Anastrozole - Does it matter?

Hello ladies,

I’ve managed to stay on the same brand of Anastrozole for 3 years, but because of the current corona virus crisis, and the queues at pharmacies etc I wondered if other ladies are getting different brands each month and if so has it been ok for you or have you had any negative side effects?

Thanks in advance and keep happy and safe during this time! :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi mystery mouse I have been on anastrozole for 19 months, I usually get Accord which I am ok with, but sometimes given different brands which I will always try. If I do get any adverse side effects I tell the pharmacist and they will do their best to get me Accord, having said that some of the alternative brands are ok, there has only been 2 which I have requested not to have as I get more hot flushes, headaches and upset digestive system. All I can say is try them with an open mind.  I don’t seem to get stiffer joints as a side effect of different brands. Hope this helps.  Best wishes to you, Fezzy1952 

Hi I’m having the same problem, I started off with one brand which was a nightmare re joint pain then on hearing of a brand (Teva) which had a more positive result I’ve stuck with it for over 2 years, there are symptoms but the pain is less for me. So I wouldn’t voluntarily swap brands.  The brand I have been taking hasn’t been available for a month now and I’m out of tablets can anyone suggest other brands they have found useful?