Brands of Anastrozole

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Does anyone know if there are different brands of anastrozole? Someone told me that there is a brand that the NHS doesn’t like to prescribe because it costs more but its record on side effects is good. I’m seeing my oncologist again next week and don’t want to look a prat (I already have a list of things to discuss as long as my arm!) but if I could go armed with facts, I’d feel more confident. I had an easy start to anastrozole but the side effects kicked in after 4 months and I feel about 90 right now.


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Jan x

Hi Jaybro


I had the same question for my onco about tamoxifen brands!


She said that about 90% of women dont have side effects, or if they do they’re not troublesome, her advice was to start on the prescribed brand, give it a month or so for body to adjust to side effects and then make a decision about trying another brand if that one was causing problems. She said some women are more responsive to different brands, but that its not everyone. 


Hopefully someone on your drug will be able to give you a better answer.


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Helly xx

Hi Jan


There are lots of anastrozole brands and I have tried several as I  have taken it for 4 years.

Personally I  find the Accord brand kindest and it allows me to run swim and gym which are all vitally important to my continuing sanity lol!

Teva seems popular although it made me anxious and Sandoz is good and possibly similar to the original non generic Arimidex

I asked the pharmacist to note Accord on the system and so far they  get it every time


Good Luck and Best Wishes

Elaine x




Hi I originally was given anastrozole (Accord) which gave me very aching joints in my legs, feet, hands and fingers then after 6 months I was given anastrozole (Teva)  which seems to suit me slightly better.  My oncologist did say I could try an alternative but I think I will stick with it a while longer.  I currently take it in the morning but may change to the evening to see if that makes any difference.  I think it’s a case of try it and see.   I have read where some ladies have actually stopped taking it, quality of life etc but I’m not even contemplating that.  Good luck whatever you decide to do.  Xx