Brands of Letrozole

Hi Everyone

I’ve just collected my prescription for Letrozole and have never heard of the brand “Manx Healthcare”.

Has anyone ever had this brand and if so do you have any comments?

I’m on my second month on Cipla brand with minimal side effects so was quite surprised at the change of brand at my usual pharmacy

Thanks xx

Hi Andi


I’ve had Manx brand. I found it ok but I try to get Accord as I find it suits me better. If I’m honest I wasn’t as good on Manx as Accord but think it’s down to the individual.


All the best on it.


Juliewulie xx



Thanks JulieWulie

Good to have feedback. As I’m only a few weeks in to the meds I’m still finding out which one suits me best.

Have a good Sunday xx

Hi Andi, if you look at the treatment thread there is a great deal said about brands and Letrozole. In fact, a massive discussion! I’ve had three brands, and my preference is Teva. Accord makes me headachy and sweaty. Very personal as our bodies all react differently. X

Thanks for mentioning this Andi. As I’ve been on Accord and now they’ve given me MANX
I’m uneasy about changing brands as well x

Thank you Ladies for your advice and feedback xx