Brands of letrozole

Hi Ladies

Have been on letrozole for almost 2 years, and have always had the accord brand. 

This time, I stupidly didn’t check and have been given Crescent. Not sure if this is a consequence, but have not felt very well this week…warm face, hot flushes, stuff joints and generally feeling run down.

Had anyone experienced this brand? Can I go back to the pharmacy and change what I have left?


Sue xx

Hi Sue different brands of letrozole are a nightmare arnt they. I  not sure they will change that pack for you, I once left the chemist then realised when I got in my car they had give  me a new brand. The pharmacist was really reluctant to change them and I had to go back to doctor. Only this morning I went to chemist with my prescription and was told I may not get Dr reddys which doctor wrote on prescription for me and onchologist agreed I should stay on. Apparently these are too expensive. I’m waiting to hear from doctor now. Who’d have known there could be so may problems with the meds that follow breast cancer? Good luck, hope you sort it out. ??

Hi Maggie
It’s hard to work out isn’t it, whether it’s the ht or a bug? Might just be a coincidence?
I manged to put in another order and, as from Friday, I’m back on the accord brand. I feel slightly better, so we’ll see.
From reading posts on here, accord seems to be one of the better ones. Worth requesting, or trying different chemist’s?
Let me know how you get on.
Sue xx

Hi Everyone
Just looking for a concensus of opinion on the best brands of Letrozole.

I have been using Cipla for 5 months and now experiencing ankle pain, hot flushes and worst of all vaginal dryness.

My oncologist has suggested a switch to Tamoxifen in the future if the side effects persist but has asked me to continue on Letrozole for the next few months.

I’m seeing my GP next week to discuss a change of brand to see if this may relieve the symptoms.
Any thoughts on the best brands for reducing side effects?

Also, can anyone enlighten me why some brands create worse side effects than others?

A friend was told by her GP that that they were all the same and changing brands was pointless.

Thoughts and contributions would be most welcome ? xx

This is a difficult one, I am given Crescent brand by my GP’s really excellent pharmacist, and when I spoke to him about the possibility of asking for a specific brand, he said that they have to accept what is given, as the NHS does deals with the most cost effective brand at any particular point?  He is a really helpful pharmacist who wouldn’t fob me off unnecessarily, so I’m a bit stuck with Crescent - at the moment.  I don’t know what is a side effect of anything anymore, lol, whether it’s delayed R/T ( finished 20 zaps on 7 August ) or the letrozole or aches and pains I had before this diagnosis 6 months ago, when I went regularly to a chiropractor for back/leg/neck/shoulder issues that came up from time to time. I’m 63 so age is probably a factor for me - I have refused bisphosophonates.

Hi another night of no sleep sweats and once again stomach cramps and frequent toilet trips. The stomach problem seems to be getting worse This is my 10th week taking Letrozole I don’t see the oncologist again unill 5th October. I rang my BC nurse who told me she thought it unlikely the stomach problems were due to the Letrozole however all this started as soon as I took the tablets. Has anyone else had stomach problems??. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my oncologist she was very matter of fact when I saw her. She said that Letrozole is an unkind drug but it is what I need to take to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back!. I really don’t want to feel like this anymore any advice or suggestions please

My oncologist recommended sage tablets and a cooling pillow (chillow) to help with hot flushes brought on by Letrozole in my case, maybe worth a try? She also mentioned the possibility of very low dose Venlafaxine, but I’m going to try sage and chillow first!


Hello Chick 1


Thank you for your advice, that I shall definitely take on board  -  I had Accord on discharge from the hospital, and am inclined to thinking this seemed better than the Crescent.  I have had a couple of ‘light-headed’ days, a bit like vertigo, that I made a point of ignoring, in case I started panicking about going out, and sometimes a bit of a queasy feeling lately, and these are new ‘things’ for me : definitely a lot more clicking in the neck too . . .


And thank you for your lovely words xx

Thanks everyone for your comments.

I intend to speak to my GP to ask if I can have a fixed brand and also try maybe Accord or Dr R as they seem to be the most favoured.

Mcnulcc to answer your question I have not experienced any stomach issues while taking Letrozole.

In fairness I can just about manage the hot flushes and joint pains but the vaginal dryness is just a pain. Intimacy is out of the question right now. I’ve been using Replens and Sylk with some relief but not enough to return to a normal sex life.

I’m a young 62 and really don’t want to abandon this side of my relationship.

I am therefore going to try other brands in an attempt to reduce the side effects before considering a change to Tamoxifen

Thanks again everyone