Brands of Tamoxifen

Hi y’all,

I turned into a she-deveil on my current brand of Tamoxifen (Relon Chem) and have been advised by a McMillan nurse to try Nolvadex brand instead, but none of my local chemists stock it.

Do people have any info on Nolvadex?

Which brand are you on, did side effects change with brands?

Thanks fellow bc heros,


Hi Kate


I’ve also been trying to get hold of Nolvadex. As far as I can tell it is not available in the UK so cannot even get it on private prescription. It can be bought over the counter in France so I’m toying with the idea of a day trip… I’ve looked into buying it online but I’m just not confident enough with the online pharmacies. I’ve even tried phoning AstraZeneca, the manufacturers to see if there is any way I can get it direct but just got passed from pillar to post and gave up!


Lucy x

Hi Kate

            Ive never heard of Nolvadex, Im on Wokhardt the pharmasist once gave me teva it was awful after 3 days of no sleep and the most dreadful headaches I was at the chemist begging him to get me Wokhardt back, brands do vary Im afraid ive not tried relon but heard it can give some people some very nasty S/E’s Im not saying I dont get any on my brand I do but not as intense as other makes, Good luck I hope you get the brand you need

L x

Hi: I just replied into another post on this. I had terrible pain after a switch off Genox to Tamosyn, I tried Nolvadex but went back to Genox. This is in Australia so they may be called different names in the uk. Genox has a low level of fillers. If you check the ingredients, it may be one of these causing you problems. The Nhs study was done on this and your bc nurse may be basing her suggestion on this:

Hi ladies,

Def interested in this debate. I originally was given Teva brand and had been on it since August 2014. However, my SE’s were worsening, especially the hot flushes which were being accompanied by intense sweats. I had no trouble getting Teva because I had my local boots store get my repeat prescriptions and I specified that Teva was the only brand of tamoxifen I was willing to take. But with worsening SE’s, I asked to change to Wockhardt and the flushes/sweats are much improved. I don’t know if anyone else has tried switching brands, but would be really interested to hear your comments if you have. My only complaint is that my joints are stiff again (that had been the case with Teva too for the first couple of weeks) so I’m going to take the 2 month supply I have then make a decision as to which brand best suits me. Wishing you all minimal SE’s whichever brand you take. Ann x

Thanks for that Lottie. Think I read somewhere on this site that other people had changed brands with favourable results, and it’s interesting that your oncologist recommends a change every so often. Take care. Ann x

Hi JB,
If you have a boots near you, they have the retail power to get hold of Teva for you. After my first prescription ran out, my local boots only had Wockhardt, so I called the main boots in aberdeen city centre and they managed to get it for me to pick up the next day. Hope you get your Teva. Strangely, I’ve just swapped to Wockhardt and my SE’s did seem to be a bit easier. But, starting to get a sore head and last night I woke up with aching shoulders in the middle of the night. My ankles, knees and fingers were also pretty stiff this morning. Not sure it’s attributal to the Wockhardt, but will give it another couple of weeks to see if it calms down a bit. Will def not accept relon though! Hope your SE’s are minimal if you do have to go back on the Wockhardt. Take care. Ann x x

Hi Dee,everyone is different and some people don’t seem affected by changing brands others find some really are much better than others .Teva generally seems to suit people better (me included ),but everyone is different .Good luck .Jill.

I have been taking the Wockhardt brand for just over 6 weeks now, they were the brand my local pharmacy supplied me with when I was started on Tamoxifen. I’m not sure whether the general tiredness I feel is due to the side effects or other factors. I have also had hot sweats but not continually, and at the moment general aches in my shoulders. Not sure whether this is due to the Denosumab injection I had last week though.

I am being reviewed next week so I will mention all of the above to her and probably continue as the benefits outweigh the symptoms at the moment.