Bras after mastectomy

Anyone got any tips re. buying bras? I’ve read all the usual bumph, including the info here, but I’d love to hear from anyone with direct experience. Did you find pocketed bras better than the non-pocketed variety? What works best for keeping the prosthesis from falling away from your chest when you bend forward? Wired or non-wired? I’m a non-wired girl myself, but I’d consider a change if it was likely to work better.


Hi Yvonne,

I’ve had a mastectomy, and found it really hard to get decent mastectomy bras in my size (32DD). I prefer underwired for the extra support, and pocketed for holding my prosthesis in place. I have found M&S do a reasonable range of mastectomy bras, in my size, and all at affordable prices. I like the pre-formed ones, as it evens out my shape.

Perhaps you could look for mastectomy bras with some sort of elastication at the top edge, to prevent slippage when you bend forward, I have seen them in some of the catalogues (Amoena etc.), but if you make sure you get the correct size and the cup fits close to the body you shouldn’t have a problem.

I also prefer bras without a lacy edging, as post mastectomy I have to wear full cup bras instead of the balconette ones, and I find lacy edging on a full cup always shows above my v and scoop neck tops, grrrrrrrr.

I believe you can get pockets sewn into ordinary bras at the hospital, have you asked your breast care nurse?


Hi Yvonne,

I went for M&S seamles t.shirt bras, I am 34B/C and they kept the prosthesis in fine for normal wear, what I also bought for added security was a couple of their tight strappy vest tops (the ones in with the underwear) they sit above the bra line, are quite high under the arm and dont gape when you bend forward so I was able to wear most of my normal clothes. I was also able to wear them as pj tops over bra when my kids had mates round for sleepovers and none of their friends noticed.

I only ever bought 2, one black and one white, refused to buy loads of expensive mastectomy bras, the only time I felt consious was when I went back to areobic classes as very high impact so I just pulled the strap extra tight on that side.

I did get a pocketed tankini for a holiday and swimming, was not very impressed as pockets were quite big and I felt prosthesis would head south.

Some BCN have contacts who can sew pockets into normal shop bras, it may be worth asking.

I have had just had recon after 2 years so in sports bras for the moment, cant wait to go proper underwear shopping again.
Debbie x

Well, I’m back after my shopping trip. I’ve got a pocketed bra from John Lewis, which is a bit frumpy-looking, but feels fairly secure. I got another pocketed bra from M&S - the only one from their range that fit me - and it’s really pretty, so I’m very pleased with that. Finally, I went up market and bought a bra from Rigby & Peller. It’s kind of boring to look at, but it fits very well and feels tremendously secure even though it doesn’t have a pocket. The shop assistant was very patient and friendly, too. I’d recommend them - so long as you’ve got a few gold bars to spend on your undies!


I too like most women after surgery had a problem with good fitting bra’s. I’m a 42dd so found it difficult getting nice bras and them to fit properly…Thank goodness for M & S they do a lovely range in larger sizes some with pockets and some without…have had no problems with the prosthesis slipping.