Bras, camis, arm and breast lymphoedema

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I regularly look (and occasionally post) on

There is a REALLY interesting thread there discussing how different (or no) bras can affect both arm and breast/trunk lymphoedema and what may help. Thoroughly recommended!



hiya - anybody got any good recommendations for them in the UK?? mary x


I think if you google ‘maidenform’ you can find some UK mail order companies, if that’s any help.

I’ve got a ‘Sloggi’ soft bra/crop thingy which is very comfortable, too…



Following WLE and ANC two and a half years ago I’ve got breast lymphoedema. The lymphoedema nurse said I needed a bra which lifted my breasts as high as possible to help with the drainage.

At the moment I’m wearing a blissfully comfortable bra which is from the M & S total support non-wired range and seems to be made entirely of elasticated lace. I still miss the little underwired balcony bras I used to wear, but this one is quite pretty and much nicer than the words ‘total support’ would suggest. It costs £20.

I spent about an hour and a half in the changing room trying on all the possibles to find this one and it really is worth the time I spent to have this amount of comfort.
The model number is: T33 07636 / 8030
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Was thinking it was just me until I read this thread.
Only had my op on 29 June (lumpectomy and complete lymphnode clearance).
Since then have found that any bra even the non-wiered gentle support ones I bought after discusssion with BCNurse and very nice lady in John Lewis, was driving me crazy, and ended up taking them off, and in fact most evenings going completely topless was the only way I could be comfortable (just hoped no one wanted to visit).

Had to take it off on fri when went to cinema with one of my mates - a bloke, had only had it on for a few hours but was killing me.
This was the final straw really bought some cami’s yesterday some with support not so comfy, prob cos scar still a bit sore, and others just plain with a bit of lycra and oh what a difference.

Have also noticed that if I dont do my physio on arm at least 3-4 times a day I am in pain. Not sure about cording but pain in upper arm like min-electric shocks/pricking, like those joke electric things. Also under armpit like there to under breast is on a tight string being pulled taught not nice.


thanks girls! mary x

Hi everyone

In the course of researching camis, etc, I’ve stumbled across a site called ‘lessbouncedotcom’.

Apologies if you all know about it already, but there’s a huge range of bras, including mastectomy ones, crop tops, support tank top, etc.

They mostly seem to be designed for sports/activities and naturally aren’t super glamorous, but they do look comfortable!

Has anyone ever bought anything from this site? I’m seriously thinking about purchasing something from this site and wondering whether a racer back design would be kinder to lymph nodes than regular bra straps…



Hi Bahons and everyone else,

I’ve had a look at that thread about bras/camis on I find it hard to believe that wearing a cami instead of a bra could ‘cure’ lymphoedema but who knows.

I’ve had a look at at ‘Maidenform Everyday Control Microfiber and Lace Camisole’ but this and the other camis aren’t pocketed so do you think the women on the site who don’t wear bras have still got their breasts or have had reconstructions?

I couldn’t go without my prosthesis anywhere except at home alone/with DH - would be too lopsided. But I might start taking my bra off in the evenings and home and see if it makes a difference.


Hi there Rowena and all

Yes this is a big claim they’re making, that’s for sure.

I feel that there might be a certain percentage of lymphoedema sufferers out there who would benefit from a bit of lateral thinking bra-wise.

Myself, I tend to the view that the wrong bra could be making the lymphoedema worse than it need be - perhaps by constricting lymph flow at just the wrong place - a slightly different way of looking at the thread, I suppose. Bras with tight or narrow straps are a real no-no, that’s for sure.

I would guess that the women who don’t wear bras who have posted on that thread could have had single or double mastectomies and be wearing stick-on prostheses or have had reconstructions.



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Hi sorry for jumping in here. Just thought I would say what I wear through the day. ( Very comfy ) I got a Secrets t shirt/camisole from Primark it has a little hidden support. They are stretchy with a racer back. Sell them in the lingerie sleepwear section.
Someone on here suggested I sew a pocket on the inside for softie, which I did. I have made several and they are super comfy and I am a size 40DD. Well one is hehe! I had a Mastectomy in June.
Just a suggestion that may help. xxxx

Thanks for ‘jumping in’. peppapot.

That’s a useful suggestion, I reckon and worth a bump.

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Annette Designs do some very soft looking bras. The website is down right now so can’t post a link.

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Lots of action on here at the moment.




Just thought I’d add that I’ve been wearing a fantastic bra from Triumph, it’s non-wired and called the soft sensation P bra. It is £20. Really soft and looks just like a normal t-shirt bra. It doesn’t have much padding but just a thin squidgy layer but it’s really light and gives a lovely shape. In fact following a lumpectomy and then a second op to take more stuff out, my naughty boob is more of a B cup, where it was a D and I find when I wear it, it balances me out so you can’t overly tell( I got the C cup). I had just been wearing cropped tops (£3 for 2 in tesco) but wanted to be in more of a ‘normal’ bra. All the ones I had found without wires just reminded me of ones my nan wore and at 29 I wanted something a little younger!
Em x

Hi all I have struggled for a while with lyphodema in my arm. Having never worn a bra since 1977 started searching for one when advised by lymph nurse that such a garment would help. I must have spent a small fortune and have even posted in the past recommending ones which I had found comfortable. The truth of the matter is none of them have been comfortable enough to persevere with. I feel that the discomfort from bras,croptops etc was not worth it. There has been no difference to my lymphodema [i do have sleeve which i wear only when I need to. I do however do exercises posted by Bahons a while ago which seem to do the trick for me. take care kittyx
ps thanks for posting the excersises Bahons.
pps. should have said had lumpectomy and nodes removed not mastectomy

I got a camisole with inbuilt padded bra from Primark. It is stretchy so covers any under arm Lymphoedema without pinching and should help to move the fluid along. I put 2 wide criss crossed tapes in to hold a softee and it works very well. It does have underwiring but this does not seem to bother me although the wires can easily be taken out. My Lymphoedema specialist advised that I go without a bra in the house for part of the day.

hi everyone,

just wanted to say i have been doing the bra search after reconstruction and altho’ have a very nice fitting m & s one that is comfy, i was so dissapointed with the choice and the assumption that i didn’t want to show a cleavage (that i’ve gone thru’ agony to get!) i have found a really wide choice of non wired bras on ‘simply b’ only for the 14+ size. i’m waiting for them to arrive so don’t know how good they are but they had for all tastes and prices. thought you might like to know,



Hi Ladies

I am 26 years old and was diagnosed with BC in feb (aged 25). struggled to find bra’s after mastectomy and my breast care nurse gave me a brochure on eloise underwear specialists. I contacted them and had a fitting and purchased a lovely bra. I just wanted simular bra’s to what i used to wear before surgery.