Bras / Clothes after lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy


I have my op on 7 Jan and wondered if anybody could please advise the best bra to get post lumoectomy and sentinal node biopsy. I have looked online but just end up confused.

Also can you pull tops over your head just after surgery or do you need button up shirts?

Thanks x

Hi Chelle56

I had my opinion on 12th Dec, it was a left breast mastectomy so advice regarding bra might be different. I opted for soft bra tops…in hindsight I would’ve gone for soft front fastening bras. The area that was most sore was underarm from node biopsy…definitely a good idea for front fastening tops and pj’s?..good luck with your op!


Sara x

Hi Chelle, I wore a firm fitting non wired bra after surgery as it helps with any swelling and keeps the breast in shape. On the day of surgery wear a button up shirt or blouse to avoid lifting your arms. Hope all goes well for you! x

Hi, Asda do soft seamless ‘crop top’ bras in packs of two. I found them the most comfortable, particularly after surgery. Your arm will probably be stiff but you’ll be encourages to move as much as possible as you need mobility if you are having rads. Asda bras are stretchy enough to be able to wriggle into and comfy to sleep in, plus help to keep dressings in place. Also suggest soft PJs front fastening came in very handy. Best wishes for 7th.