Bras for breast/trunk lymphoedema

Just wanted to share info on a bra top I discovered recently:
Plie control top fast front
It is seamless, wide straps, high under the arm, very comfy material and 3 sets of front fastening hooks for adjustment. This is quite similar to a pressure top I got from my lymphoedema nurse but a million times nicer looking and comes in black, white and flesh. Cost £28 but they sometimes have an offer on.

I also like the triumph tri-action sports bra as has a keep band and highish sides. I sometimes put a piece of foam down the side to give more pressure round my trunk when the swelling goes round to my back.

I’d love to hear what makes of bras and bra tops other folk have found good as am totally sick of the triumph sports bra … (have worn same make for 3 years as only bra I could find to accommodate discrepancy in size without pucking or needing a jelly boob insert - just had lipomodelling so looking forward to trying something different)
PS lipo-modelling did not make lymphoedema worse


Hi Buff - I’ve just a look at these and they look great.

Wish I’d known about them when I had my surgery - I would have been a lot more comfortable.

Seroiusly thinking about getting one anyway, now…



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Thanks S, will bookmark

Thanks, Buff.

The bra looks really good. And great that it comes in black!!


black is a good idea…why are they usually only available in white??

I’ve been wearing Triumph Doreen bras for years (got a WLE gap one side and a recon the other) but v bored with them. The range of colours (and sizes) is good, tho’, black, red, pink and flesh, as well as the usual white.

I’ve also got some soft pull-on crop tops with no metal bits (ideal for scans).



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I’m just giving this another bump and ask…

…Has anyone bought one? I’d love some feedback, as they have some special offers on at the moment and I’m thinking of splashing out!



It’s me again! Not been on for ages and surprised this still near the top.
Be careful when chooosing your size with the plie top as mine is a bit too small … i got a small and am a 32D / 34C … am thinking of getting a larger one as trunk oedema worse.
Found 2 other soft cup bras I can wear since then that don’t pucker with the size difference and don’t make my trunk oedema worse although would not wear them all the time:

  • triumph soft cup amourette
  • calvin klein perfectly fit soft cup.


Hi Buff

I’ve bumped your thread a few times as unfortunately there seem to be quite a few ladies developing breast/trunk lymphoedema.

And thanks for the new info’!



My pleasure. Has anyone else bought one of the plie bras as I am interested in how you found the sizing as i really should get a bigger one but can’t be bothered with all the returns etc if i get it wrong?

Hi Buff,

Thanks for the warning re sizes. I was a 32D before truncal oedema so am probably slightly more now so I will try a medium. I hate the faff and disappointment of sending things back too!

Can I just check with you - is it suitable to be worn as a sports bra because this is what I want it for mainly?

My lymph practitioner got me a lymphoedema bra which is quite good but doesn’t fit perfectly. It is fine across my breast and prosthesis but very tight over my ribs where there isn’t really any swelling.

It is all such a pain, I don’t know how many hours of my life I have spent researching lymphoedema both treatments and garments and I am sick of it!

Love to all.


Hi all,
Ive bought one of the bras from Plie (the deeper bodied one) and its great. I developed lymphodema on my back just behind the mastectomy scar just before this thread started so looked up the website. The bra was expensive (£33) but definitely worth it. Im an XL size as I am size 18-20 and it is so comfortable.

hi margaret - what site is it from? mary x

sorry - I read back and got the link - ta, mary x

I hope you find it as good as I do. Have you seen there is a session for Lymphodema in May.

Just wanted to add that the website that Buff mentioned has now changed its name to:

wx3 dot girlfromipanema dot co dot uk

I have just got round to ordering one of the plie bras that Buff mentioned (no impulse shopper, me). I’m a 36C and have ordered a large.

X to all