Bras post op

Bras post op

Bras post op Hello all

I am going in for mastectomy on 2nd July,how soon after the op can you wear a soft bra?
Would a t shirt type do,or do I need a mastectomy bra.

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For annalyn Hi Pat

You may find it useful to read the breast cancer care booklet on operation and recovery. It can be downloaded at the following link:-

I hope this helps.

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Hi Pat,

I went to M&S to …firstly be measured…glad I did…I was in totally the wrong size bra, so the lady assistant fitted me with a lovely soft bra.

I haven’t really worn it yet…two weeks/ nearly three, since my op…, mainly because of the silly ‘softie’ prosthesis they issued me with at my hospital.

To my mind, it looks silly and it rides up even though it is pinned into the bra, you could rest your cup of tea on mine, it looks that silly, so I’ve bought a swimform prosthesis from Amoena. My BCN say’s it will be fine for me to use…when going out… until I receive my proper prothesis from her.

Hope that helps Pat.

take care
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I found the Nicola Jane web site really great for mastectomy bras, the stuff usuallly arrived return of post. Hope you are feeling more human now.
Take care
jackie x

Hi guys

I bought 2 post op soft bras by triumph at Debenhams. They were 10.00 each but the “softies” stuck inside on double sided tape - only use small pieces as it is pretty good. Once my Mastectomy scars had healed I was fitted with Amonea breast forms and given a swimming pair as well (I had a double mastectomy in June) Everything is going well now the scars cleared fantastic - Body shop do a great Vitamin E cream in a tub that you can slap on this bought the swelling down and kept the scars lovely. Started driving after 5 weeks. Wearing bras from the amonea or nicola jane catalogue they are expensive but found m&s fitting wasn’t as good once I went to the more solid forms - might be worth checking first.
Wish you lots of luck


So glad I found your thread. Have bookmarked Amoena site and will definitely use it. Many thanks.



E-bay do a fantastic range of new mastectomy bras for £10, identical to the one I paid £27 from the local bra shop! Stick mastectomy bra in the search and see what comes up!