Bras - tips please

FLISS, hope you’re still lookin onto here.

Try “Womanzone”. They actually make items on site, bra’s or swimwear. 34HH! Well worth a look. Hope they can provide for you xxx



Has anyone else found they have had trouble with their nipples in the post surgery bras?  I have three from M&S which seem to fit everywhere and don’t rub my scar which is on the side towards the top by my armpit, but they seem to rub at the front.  I have a patch about two inches all round my nipple which is red and my nipple looks swollen and a slightly odd colour.  I normally wear wired bras and went back to them as soon as I could which seemed to help a bit but it still hasn’t gone completely.  I had my rads planning appointment on 27th and they had a look, but didn’t seem to think it was anything to worry about. The antibiotics I had for the infection I developed about a week after my WLE did not touch it.  It’s not hot to the touch.  The red bit is not particularly sore, more irritating but my nipple is very tender.  I am big busted (38dd) and wondered if it might be something like joggers nipple if the bra is not giving me enough support really.  I will need to go back into the non wired once I start being zapped and wondered if anyone had any ideas?  x 

I got mine from

i had product code 1007 I think


It coped with my very different sized boobs, GG one side & C cup on the other, I wore it until I was able to have my large boob reduced to match.