Bras - tips please

I’m having a lumpectomy and my BCN advised me to get a bra without wires. (all mine have wires, im a DD so need some decent support) So I have bought 3 I quite like (ordered on line, marks and spencer), will I need all 3. I don’t think I will wear them much again, I’m too bouncy in them lol!


Also I find the fit a bit weired, squish your boobs together so I get a cleavage, lol! Is this right? I can’t see them fiting another way but wondering if you changed your cup size with non wired?

Hi Emily


You may find it best to wait until after your procedure to buy new bras as you will probably find your shape has changed.  I wouldn’t waste a lot of money on 3 bras that may not fit.  Hope this helps.

I was told I could wear anything I was comfortable in, and I was back in my normal underwired bras within a week.

Before the op I went to M and S, I must have tried every non wired bra in the place but they all looked bizarre on me. I looked like I had a shelf up front, I could have rested a plate on there!

I was in despair, and then saw the padded post surgery range, which were much better. I wore them for a few days and at night, but I was actually most comfortable in my own bras. But I didn’t have any nodes taken, that may make a big difference as my underarm wasn’t sore.

I found the trouble with padding if you’re a larger size is it seemed to be the wrong shape somehow. I’m a DD/ E. And at night it doesn’t move with you when you’re on your side, it’s a bit odd.

I’ve just bought a couple of crop tops from Matalan, and wish I’d had them for the post surgery time, I’m sure they would have been more comfortable.

My breast care nurse recommended John Lewis cotton stretchy maternity breastfeeding bras. They are so comfy I will continue to wear them . They are more supportive than crop tops that some recommend and OK to wear at night. Which I did after surgery as keeping everything in place seemed to help with pain after surgery. I think marks and spencer do similar if no John Lewis near you x

P S they don’t look like breastfeeding bras x

I bought 2 Asda soft comfy bras.  Only £7 each. There are no seams in the cup or at the sides, so for those of us who have had WLE and incision in armpit they’re perfect. They’re not the most attractive, but to be honest comfort was my main priority!

Had a WLE on the 2nd of this month. The nurse had told me about M/S sports bras which were suitable so luckily got two in the sale for £5.00!!  She also mentioned Asda had some but OOS when I checked.


On the day of the op, she gave me an Anita sports bra which opened at the front because my MS ones were a bit harder to put given limited arm mobility. I’ve worm the MS ones since and find them v comfy and give good support-F cup so need it!  While the Anita bra was very easy to put on and comfy, at first the side dug into the node incision site so had to put a hankie there to act as a buffer!

I will be starting radiotherapy soon and wander if anyone can recommend a suitable comfortable bra for when I going through treatment? I quite large 38 E. would be grateful for any help.


Morning Bra Girls !!

I was given a “soft” bra to wear for when  my 1st mastectomy scar area was more healed and to wear my “softie” foam false boob with, then later an adhesive prosthesis. I was provided with that bra “free” by the breast department. That was back in 2006. Do they not do that any more then. I also remember being told I didn’t need to get pocketed bras, but after my first prosthesis had popped out a few times (no, fortunately not into my soup!!), usually when bending forward, I went to the said “Womanzone” at Warrington and was properly fitted with a single pocketed bra - made a huge difference. After my 2nd mast, I immediately went for double pocketed bra and a matching pair of really “nice”, great in fact, prostheses. Again, all of those were provided and that second time fitted by a lady, who was an agent for Natrelle, who came to the hospital to carry out fitting sessions. Natrelle, incidentally, produce implants as well as prosthetics, in particular, developed the newer “anatomically shaped” teardrop profile implants, that give a far more natural result, than the 1/2 spherical ones, that tend to look stuck on and false. I ave my name written on a pair of them, for the end of April !!

Going back to “underwired” bras, for later, when things have well settled scar wise, a couple of people have mentioned just taking out the wires. I can remember doing this myself years ago, long before BC, when the push up bras became fashionable, around the mid 70’s. And I agree, it didn’t make any difference to the support or shape, but a huge difference to the “comfort”. But I can remember the first time I ever went to be properly fitted for bra’s, I found out I was wearing the wrong size, and that I was wearing the straps too loose - and that was even for me, being smaller boobed!! I remember thinking and immediately feeling, what a difference.

My Mum, a much larger boobed woman, always went to have a fitting whenever she needed new bras.


Hope you’re all okay. Hope it all goes well for those of you having to have ops and treatments, that you recover quickly. Keep us in touch with and let us know how you’re doing.


love to everybody

Dellywelly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Good to read about bras. I got the results of my lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy today. I am now cancer free!! I should be going for my first appointment for radiotherapy in the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait for it to be over! I’m reading these posts about bras. Is it necessary to have special bras or is it in case you have problems? 

I’m due to have surgery in two weeks and have been told to have a soft - but- firm unwired bra available for afterwards. Bra buying has always been a nightmare as I have a narrow back and big boobs so I went along to our local posh bra shop and was fitted by a very helpful and sympathetic lady who couldn’t find a specific ‘post-surgery’ bra in my size but did find a sports bra that fitted me. As I’m a dancer and intend to go back to dancing as soon as i’m fit, I thought this wasa good choice for me. Its a wonderfully comfortable thing - as ong as I’m standing up, which of course I was when it was fitted, and will be when I’m dancing. But the under-band is too solid and leaves me feeling sore if I try to relax in it. So I went to M and S.

M&S post-surgery bras don’t go anywhere near my cup size in a 32/34 band size. I said some choice things under my breath and walked out.

Yesterday in the local supermarket I decided it’s always worth having a look, and discovered an unwired bra, firm support, 34G. Halleluia. I can now face my treatment without having to cope with ‘bra-rage’ on top of everything else.

I am really glad to have found this forum.



Morning Bra Beauties !!!


Kezzar - Am wondering what that can be short for. Yey, thats fandabidozee news for you, and us ALL. Hope the rads go well and quickly, without any or few ill effects lovey.

LinRowan - Good luck with your surgery, girl. You didn’t mention what’s required, but I hope you have a speedy recovery and are back to your dancing asap. May you always dance, but without dancing boobs !!!

Sorry you’re both on this on this Forum for the reasons you are, but glad you’ve found it and are. It’s an invaluable source of support and advice from women who’ve been through the same.

Morning Helena - hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous day and enjoying the start of your holiday break. See you on the “Fluffies” thread darlin’.

Lots of love to everyone

Dellywelly xxxxxxx

Hi there. I’m 4 month’s post rads and have found it really difficult finding a comfy bra and normally can’t wait to remove it once home from work. Just wanted to recommend Debenhams-had a wonderful shopping experience today for my very specific non wired, non seamed big boob bra! Was fitted with a nursing bra of all things but feels like bliss! Certainly felt more confident leaving the store-even buying 2 new tops on the way.

Hi Kathy 68 - No offence - but couldn’t help chuckle at you now being fitted up with a nursing bra !! Consider it “nursing” your tender boob. Thats brilliant. Hats off, or should I say “bras off” to your fitter for coming up with an “unusual” but comfortable solution to your prob. Let’s face it - who gives a stuff what kinda bra it is, when previously you’re so uncomfortable, you can’t wait to “whip it off” at the end of the day. That woman has to be applauded. I’d take her in a bunch of flowers to say thanks, even if just a couple of £1 a bunch daffies - It’d really knock her pants off (as oppo to “socks”, her working in underwear dept . . . you follow what I mean / get the gist). People so seldom receive praise for a job we think they just “do”, day in day out. But in her case, she ISN’T just “doing” it. She was obviously “caringly” interested about your problem, to come up with an out of the ordinary solution - found what suited and served you best for your current NEED. And this is such an incredibly sensitive area that, she may or may not be aware of just how sensitive, is to YOU. She and it has helped you sooo much.Enjoy your new tops.

Delly xxxx


Thanks Delly, you’re spot on with your comments! I’ve completed customer feedback for the Debenhams ladies-so they’ll know how appreciative I was of their help. Certainly made me walk tall for the first time in several months xx


Hi everyone, I have just been diagnosed with BC and am due to have my WLE +SLNB surgery on the 10th. I find it difficult to find bra’s normally due to the large cup size (34HH) any suggestions as to where to get post op bras from. I  have searched the Internet and either get front fastening or soft cup but not usually together. 

Thanks fliss

Hi Fliss


Try Nicola Jane on line, they have some lovely soft front fastening bras have two myself, they also have some shops around the country, they are really good and helpful with a no quibble return policy

Good Luck 

Mary x

Dear pre op ladies


As well as the ‘new’ bra - I found it helpful to buy a bra extender - could only get them from Waitrose where I live (in Devon) found in the sewing section but turned out to be the essential after op on Tuesday. I  was so swollen I ended up using two - but arent expensive - so a worth while buy


Cosmo x



I’m due to have a mastectomy and a lump removal on the otherside in a couple of weeks just wondered if anyone had tried this make of bra and if so what were the sizes like?  

Amoena Frances Non-Wired Front Closure Bra

Thanks in advance xx

Hi I have got a 38 g cup and too found it very difficult to find a bra after surgery However I found one! I was delighted it’s from a company called Royce and Ian’s fastens in front There are no seams and Velcro straps it is so comfortable Sldo if you buy a bra for mastectomy or lumpectomy you don’t pay vat I didn’t know this until went to pay for the bra on line Tje bigesr theyvhadcwas an E cup but it fits great Hope this helps Aldo sleeping with a v shape pillow helps x