Bras - what's needed - post nipple- reconstruction




Has anyone had nipple reconstruction  after a flap reconstruction??? I’m looking for bra advice…


What bra do you recommend? I’m back in my normal, pre op bras now and wonder if I need bras with bigger cups for the dressing - or a soft bandeau type… to avoid squashing anything!!! All advice welcome


If anyone has time to say how close they felt their maach was to the other nipple too, that’d be great. I feel its a bit unknown for the moment.





I had lipo filling and nipple reconstruction 5 weeks ago, like you after an LD flap last July. It was rather complicated with an infection at the lipo filling site but I had my stitches out last Friday. I was also back in pre op underwired bras but went back to the soft post surgery bras from last year after the surgery. Immediately after surgery on visits to the consultant he was careful not to squash it whilst redressing it but said normal bras are ok now. I started today with my normal bras and just pop a piece of gauze over the nipple in case of ‘leakage’. At first the nipple looked enormous but is gradually diminishing! ! I am tentatively hopeful that it is going to be a good match but is slightly lower than the other one. I go back in 3 months for tattooing . Do ask with any more questions.

Jayne x

I just wore the pull on bras - the dressing had a hole in the middle for the nipple to get the “air” but done so that the nipple itself was lying lower than the dressing - so dressing was built up if you can get what I mean. My nipple was also huge at first but disappointingly has now gone quite flat, so probably needs some lipo fill to plump it up again. I have had to postpone my tattoing as one side of the scar has healed very badly, and not even sure if I will bother to get the tattoing done at all. 

Hope this helps

K M x