Hi everyone, post lumpectomy 18 months ago, gone through rads, chemo but taken off Heceptin after 13 infusions as heart scans showed damage to heart.
This is probably trivial compared to some of your problems, but since the op have been wearing non wired bras. I am finding it very difficult to find pretty bra sets. A friend has said that I can never wear under wires again - is this true?

Hi Dot,
I had a mastectomy in Dec 2007 followed by rads and mix and match between wired and non wired depending on what I am wearing and then use either a prosthesis or comfie.
Just out of interest why shouldn’t we wear wired bras? Am I doing something wrong?

M x

I always used to wear wired bras and have done so quite often sicne my diagnosis and surgery. I’m inclined to change over to non wired bras simply because I find my scar and the area around it are both quite sensitive. They’re sensitive to pressure, which sounds bizarre. If my cat, who is a tiny little scrap, stands on my chest in that area, it really hurts. It seems to have become more sensitive as time has gone on. As far as I’m aware, that tends to be the main reason why (often) the advice is not to wear wired bras- because of discomfort around scarring, not because of anything sinister.

Thanks both, I guess I’ll try wired on and off. I did throw all my wired bras away after surgery as I did find them uncomfortable, but suppose it was early days then. I can only guess the reason for not wearing wired is lymphodema. I’m due to see oncologist in March for results of next heart scan and will ask. I guess I should be more concerned about the damage to my heart caused by the heceptin. Many thanks.

Hi Dot,
I also went through the stage of throwing all my underwired bras away after surgery and bought mastectomy bras but then found I could wear ordinary so had to go and buy lots of new ones - shame. I now seem to have more bras with one breast than I had with two!
Hope all goes well for the results of your heart scan next month.
M x

Dot, have a look at the websie for Nicola Jane

They have a great range of stuff, including tops and swimwear,for post mastectomy. The staff are lovely if you can get to a store and they do mail order.

Lovely stuff.

Love Caz xxx