Bras Will I ever be able to get back into a normal bra again? I seem to still be swollen on my side after my op and I tried a ‘normal’ bra on last week…not at all comfortable… I am still in the one the hospital gave me for the operation itself! Thank goodness I have three of them …ha!

Should I wait until I have my silicone friend before I go trying any new bras on or shall I get one soonish? I will be getting my silicone buddy on the 9th July…

hello its me again, lol
can’t remember what op you had but it sounds like wle.
i made sure i was fitted properly and i had a mastectomy, i am told a proper fitted bra is important, it should not be tight or leave marks, not good for the lymphatic system to drain away.
i was measured in debinhams and also at nicola jane, hubby took me to get measured.
hope you get sorted.
sharon. x

Hi Babyboo,

I had a mastectomy in April, and was fitted with silicone prosthesis 5 weeks later when scar had healed.

It is important that you get a properly fitted bra when you go for prosthesis fitting. I wore sports bras until I had healed up, for comfort, but got a proper bra for my fitting appointment.

Make sure it is close fitting around your body…this is where the support should come from…not the shoulder straps! So many ladies wear the wrong sizing! Also no two manufacturers seem to have the same measurement, so you may have to try on a few. I prefer a pocketed bra to hold my prosthesis, that way you don’t get a gap showing when you bend forward!

I can still wear most of my pre-mastectomy tops and dresses, though because mastectomy bras have to be full cup, I have to wear a little camisole top with some of them, but no-one can tell the different in my size or shape.


Thanks for the replys. I am getting fitted at the hospital and they are the only ones who sell Mastectomy bras in the town…wierd I know but there you go. Good tips and I have to say that when I tried on my normal bras they really were not that comfy anymore…getting excited about getting new underwear…really cheers me up!