Hello ladies just a question?? I’m being measured for a more permanent bra and boob, at the moment I’ve just got a " softy" as I’m 7weeks post surgery, thing is I do t know if I should buy a bra before hand or do they provide one, its not that I mind buying them at all just don’t know what to do first. Any advice please x

I was told to turn up with a bra and close fitting top for my prothesis fitting. I went to M&S for measuring for a bra. Wasnt the best experience I ever had and the resulting purchase was probably the most revolting underwear I ever bought! The person to ask is probably your BC nurse?

Thanks KahrenQ as long as I know, my son and daughter in law have got me some gift vouchers for a shop that does mastectomy bras, I’m sorry tou had a bad experience,it’s the last thing you need, hope your doing ok otherwise

asda do pretty bras for post surgery from £6, you can afford to take a couple and try them out with the prothesis
angie xx

I was advised to get a mastectomy bra before being fitted with a prosthesis and to wear a light coloured top for the fitting…which I did.
I got measured for a mastectomy bra about three weeks after my mastectomy and soon found my favourite, comfortable one. My bras are from a range of makers such as Amoena, Susi and Asda to name a few. In the beginning I found it sore wearing a bra for too long due to the swelling, but once that settles down I found the Asda bra at the grand price of £8 to be one off the most comfiest. Money from the sale of these bras goes to BC charities and I found out recently that BCC and Asda worked together in the making of these bras.
I’m about to order a black bra from Asda for the price of £6 and I know I will get as much wear out off this one as I will the more expensive ones.
Make sure you feel comfy in a bra before you buy it. The same goes for your prosthesis. Don’t accept one if it doesn’t feel right.

Hi bex Linz
I have several really nice bras from Debenhams and they measure you too. Not expensive two for £18. The lady was most helpful she had had bc herself so was very understanding. I have since ordered online too. Matalan also did a nice bra with the pockets. When I went to see breast nurse for fitting I took my new bras with me as at the time was still wearing sports bra and softie :slight_smile:

Thank you for you advice ladies bra shopping here I go