Braxon Implants for an active lifestyle?

Hi - I’m a newbie here and to BC - diagnosed a few weeks ago with DCIS on the left and a Grade 2 tumour on the right. (quickly down with the lingo!). So the recommendation is a bilateral Mx.

My surgeon is keen to use Braxon implants with the pig collagen. They are supposed to be more mobile that normal implants, and have a faster recover time. He has only done one bilateral Braxon previously.


The nurse mentioned that most of the implants using the Braxon have to come back and have infill around the collagen seams. What experience does anyone have of these? I can’t find very much information about them.

I am quite fit and apparently don’t have enough fat to use instead, but on that note I do run regularly and I wonder that the mobility of these implants would be a hindrance rather than a positive feel. Would the normal under the pectoral muscle be a more suitable solution or is this frought with as many issues?


thanks for any help 


Hi hilsb - first of all I’m very sorry that you find yourself on here, but welcome to a wonderful community who will help get you through all this.


Secondly I hope I can help you with your question as I had a single Braxon implant in May - mine is on top of the muscle (I don’t know if they can also do Braxon under the muscle) as I was told this would be a simpler operation. I believe they are relatively new, I couldn’t find too much information about them. Try googling “pre-pectoral implants”, I think I found some information in the US that way.


I too didn’t have enough fat to use for the other tissue options, so an implant was my only choice. Touch wood so far it doesn’t look like I have to go back for anything further on the implant - my only issue is that it doesn’t match my real one (but that’s another matter). I have started running again and haven’t had any problems with it. In fact my surgeon told me that his colleague had the same operation as me and she is now doing triathlons again. I don’t find my implant moves very much at all, it is pretty firmly fixed in place. I’m afraid I don’t know what the difference would be if the implant were under the muscles, but I’m happy with this implant (except the size).


I’m very happy to discuss this more if you like. In the meantime I’m sending you lots of hugs as you start your treatment.

Evie xx

Hi Evie,


He is taking nodes from both arms, but still thinks I will be ready to go home, which is great - the breast care nurse mentioned that I may not want to go home so quickly as I may need pain relief. I have opted for the Braxon’s as they are less intrusive and he doesn’t think I have enough elsewhere. The surgeon thinks I may need some lipo filling later as the collagen implants sometimes crinkle up.


anyway - 4 days to go and I still can’t quite believe it is happening.


thanks for all your positive words - its all helping.