BRCA test

Both my parents lost contact with their family before they died, they pretty much scattered all over the world. Because of this i have no family history information to speak of. Iam concerned about the implications for my daughters - either if i have this test or if i don’t

I understand there can be implications for my daughters - life insurance etc? although not at all clear about the specifics of this.

I really do need this info in order to balance it against any potential risk.

All of it seems unknown territory - so i would appreciate any information advice from anyone.


Hi celeste,

While you’re waiting for your fellow forum users to reply, here is a link to one of BCC’s publications called Breast Cancer in Families, which gives information about risk factors, family history and genetic testing for breast cancer:

I hope this is helpful.
Kind regards,
Kate, BCC Facilitator

Hi Celeste, I had the test a couple of years ago. Despite both sides of my family having both breast and ovarian cancer present I don’t have either BRCA mutation…but 'cos of family history my sister now has early yearly mammos and had an oophorectomy last year. My daughter will have both early breast and ovarian screening in the future…sorry don’t know if a BRCA mutation is found if this has any insurance repercussions…would guess it might. I had to wait just under a year to receive my results. My nearest genetics centre have been brilliant with both myself and my daughter…please PM me if you want any more info…Belinda…x

Hi Celeste,

You are not legally obliged to divulge genetic history unless specifcally asked for. My siblings are all BRCA 2 positive, they have all been hit with massive life insurance, not because they are positive but because they had to declare if any close famliy member had had cancer in the past 5 years, as that was me they had to say yes. Hope this helps x