BRCA Testing Petition - Free on NHS and Offered to Over 30's

I really would like another push at the petition, so please if you have shared, please do again just in case your family or friends didn’t see your original post and please, please do sign if you haven’t already.

So let’s use the power of social media again!


The more I have looked into this the more I am amazed how BRCA gene testing is not available on the NHS and how difficult it is to have the test done. As ovarian and breast cancer kills nearly 19,000 people a year combined.


Even if you have the BRCA gene, your family have to go through hoops to try and have the test done even though you have a 50% change of passing the gene on and only 1/3 are not being offered the test. Research also shows that nearly 50% of BRCA mutation may not have family history.

If this was easier for people to have a choice of having the test and you found out you are positive for the gene, you then can advise your family and possible save lives of others which must save the NHS thousands of pounds.


For ovarian cancer, stage 1 treatment costs £5,328, whereas stage 4 treatment costs £15,081 per patient – this cost could be reduced dramatically if BRCA testing was available.


I understand that there is more to it than just a blood test and there will be the emotional aspect of it all but surely living a life and not having the worry about developing these diseases would make it all worthwhile.

So fingers crossed thing can change and make a difference. Thanks x ?

Please sign and share! x