I’m classed as moderate risk of developing breast cancer and at the age of 39 I started having yearly mammograms. I had a benign lump removed in my 20’s and various other exams.

My maternal grandmother passed away in her 50s of breast cancer and my mother last year at the age of 66 of ovarian cancer.

I’m desperate to be tested but my local breast clinic don’t think I’m high risk enough. If I wanted it I was told I’d have to pay for it. I’ve researched and it’s very expensive.

I had my last mammogram on Friday and today they called me back for an anomaly they have found and I need to have a biopsy.

I’m just wondering if there is someone else I can talk to about this as I worry every day.

Hi Lozzie_m

I am sorry that you havent recieved a reply yet.  Please do give our free Helpline a call, 0808 800 6000, where one of our specilists will be able to help you.

Best wishes
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I had the genetic test for the BRCA gene and insurance paid for it. I wish I had heeded the letter sent to me from a familty member that it was possible that I had it.  If I could do it over I would have had a mascectomy and hystorectomy.  Going thru chemo for breast cancer was HELL.  Try another doctor and somehow find the money for the test.  I live in Florida and it was about 100+


I just re-read your post and you really need to be tested.  Please do not put it off. I am suprised they would tell you not to.  Run from them and find a genetic counselor to talk to.  You can find them thru a cancer center or the American Cancer Society.