brca2 newbie

well I got my test results back on tusday and I do have the mutated brca2 gene :frowning:
my mum is just getting over bc@58, my nan had it @38 and died of ovarian @64
I say my mum is getting over it but all her surgery has gone wrong and she has a open wound in her back from the flap reconstruction, the first recon failed as her muscle died

my mum had a clear mammogram in sep and found her grade 3 5cm tumor in jan.
I thought I had prepared myself for the worst but its hit me like a tonne of bricks, more so i think cause Ive just freshly seen what my mum has gone through :frowning:
feeling a bit sorry for myself?, I didnt expect to feel like this. I feel alone, dont feel like I can talk to my mum, she wishes she never had surgery so cant understand why I am thinking about it.

Oh dear Hstar, you must be feeling terrible. But remember you are not alone. Everyone on this website has suffered with varying degrees of cancer and there is a lot of positive feed back.

What your mum has been through must be devastating for her and you all but it doesn’t mean that you will have the same problems. Hope they get her sorted soon.

Don’t apologise for feeling sorry for yourself as we all do at some stage. Feel free to say what you want o this site and there will always be someone here to help.

Love Babs x

Hiya Hstar

sorry to hear you have brca 2… i think when you havent had cancer yourself its quite a horrible thought to be given this diagnosis and have the knowledge you could potentially get cancer.

i had BC twice so finding out in january i was brca 2 positive although it was a shock it meant i had a reason for getting two different BCs within 3 years.

i am a member of the facebookgroup brca sisterhood and the brca umbrella website… most of their members are individuals who have the gene but who havent had BC… i think brca can be quite a lonely place until you can find somebody else in the same boat.

also BCC are running a workshop in london on cancer in families its on saturday 24th april and myself and a few girls from brca umbrella site are going to it.

hope your mum is on the mend soon too

Lulu xxx

Hi Hstar

Sorry to read you are feeling so low at the moment, please feel free to call our helpline for further support and to talk through your concerns with someone in confidence on 0808 800 6000, it’s open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Here’s the link to the workshop mentioned by Lulu:

Take care

sorry to hear that hstar,

it’s all overcome you suddenly and caring for your mum too is hard, emotionally and physically on top of all this too

like lulu said talking to someone who is/has gone through it themselves at least can help knowing that someone understands what you are going through…

hope your mum starts to make a recovery soon but understandable how she feels at the moment as it must be awful for her but hopefully when she starts to recover she will be able to see that the choice you have made is the one best for you (is she taking arnica? Weleda brand helps with wounds/operations)…

i’m brca1 and had bc before tested so can only imagine how you are feeling knowing what will be down the road. Saying that, when I actually got the letter in my hands with the result, it was a shock but I decided I wanted to take control of my life through the decisions I would make with the information given to me and in time you will feel ready to do just that with help around you, don’t be afraid to ask…one step at a time is all you can do…

take care, hstar

Purdie x

thanks everyone
I have been up and down over the last few days
dont know what or how to feel cause its like a few have said, I dont have cancer. knowing I am not alone and have people to talk to is a great help

Hi hstar

I too am a carrier of the BRCA2 gene discovered a few wks back! Have had my appt with Breast Clinic and have decided to have preventative surgery as I was told I had a 80% risk of developing breast cancer. Odds are not in my favour so feel I can’t take the risk. I’m 36 with 2 young daughters.

My mum has had breast cancer twice…2 separate primary tumours. Second time round missed on mammogram so I don’t have great faith in these… I watched and helped her through surgery and treatment and if I can prevent myself going through what she did then I suppose I’m lucky!

Its hard to come to terms with as I don’t have cancer and feel its surreal that I have to have this surgery but I’m doing it to prevent my life.

Its hard to talk and explain to people how you’re really feeling…alot of people say I’m lucky I’m getting this chance… I know that and appreciate it but its just getting my head around it…

Hope your mums doing ok… You take care of yourself as I do know exactly what you’re going thro’.

Carebear xx

hi carebear it does take a wee bit time to get it all straight in your head… hopefully you will get referred to a psychologist to help you think it all through and discuss your concerns so you can make a decision thats right for you… dont feel pressurised into making a decision too quickly either.

i wouldnt say being told you have BRCA2 is lucky, but knowing your a gene carrier does let you have a choice in what you do.

the forum i posted about earlier in this thread was last weekend and was great… there were some women considering surgery like yourself and some who had already gone down that route, where as others were thinking of having screening.

Take Care