break from chemo

Good afternoon to everyone.

Hope you are all coping well and treatments working.

I am having a break from chemo for a while due to low blood counts and other SE. Have now started Faslodex inj we will see how we go. Vinorelbine has done a good job of getting my cancer stable and I can probably go back to it if necessary as it hasn’t stopped working.

It would be great if the faslodex works for a while and I can get a good break but we will see what happens.


Helen, I hope things went OK at the hospital today and they have sorted your treatment out so you have no pain!


Love to everyone. Soon be spring. Xx

Hello Sheila, I hope the fasoldex does an equally good job for you. I had my first shot of vinorelbine today so am hoping to get good results and hopefully not too many dreaded side effects!xx