Breast abscess now worried


I had a very painful abscess in one breast this week. I was given flucoxillin (sp?!) which didn’t seem to work and I ended up in hospital for IV antibiotics. I’m now on co-(the other penicillin) and that seems to have helped. The abscess has now burst and is draining. Is it normal for there to be a lot of blood when this happens?


I had an ultrasound which only showed a 1cm abscess so they didn’t drain it but it feels like there is some sort of thickening beneath my nipple where the abscess was. Dr google has sent me into overdrive and now I’m fearing the worse. I am being sent for a mammogram to check things but can’t help seeing how many of the symptoms I suddenly have. If it is cancer can things develop that quickly? Am I just being ridiculous?


Thanks x

No-one? Is this not a very active forum?