breast appearances after radiotherapy

breast appearances after radiotherapy

breast appearances after radiotherapy i finished radiotherapy in september 2006 for grade 1 breast cancer. during and after treatment i suffered from burnt skin and soreness and cracking of skin underneath my breast. this took several creams and a fair amount of time to heal. my breast now feels dead from the nipple down and the area around my nipple is white. i also get occasional cording in my arm (i had lymph glands removed)my breast is also still swollen. i long to get back to my usual bra’s, will this ever happen

took two years or so for me as my breast swelled remarkably. It’s still a bit swollen but I am back to underwired see through lace now. For at least six months I couldn’t wear anything then I was in sports bras for a while.

My left nipple is still a different colour to my right one and permanently bigger and erect

so all in all they don’t match very well. My left one was always a bit bigger than the other one. It’s now a bit bigger and dented with a slighty offset nipple in a ligher colour.

Such is life

no one else seems remotely interested or notices anything. They are too busy thinking of their own imperfections.


Hi there
I finished Rads on 3rd Jan. My breast is still quite pinky/red and swollen. My nipple is also kind of a white colour and always erect as well. I did have quite severe burns but they healed quite quickly (although looking at them I never thought theyu would heal). I have just managed to get an underwired bra on although as the cups are slightly padded it leaves very strange marks all over my breast when I’ve taken it off!!! My breast doesnt seem deadfrom the nipple down but above my scar it is still numb.


Breast soreness I finished my radiotherapy in November 2006. Since then I have had an abscess which is now nearly healed. I saw the Dr at the hospital yesterday and asked about the swelling to the breast and the redness plus I still have limited movements due to the pain under my arm and the bruised feeling along the chest wall. He said that the after effects of the radiotherapy can sometimes take up to 18 months to settle down.
I do miss my old pretty underwired bra’s but do not expect to get back into them for a long time. I hope that this may happen eventually. Until then I have comfort!