Breast appointment next week - pain in breast in my head?

Hi.  I am an almost 38 year old mum of a 17 month boy.


I noticed a red patch next to my left nipple on 26th March which looked like I head leant on it, if you know what I mean.  Noticed it was still there when showering on 27th and that there was a pea sized lump underneath if you pressed on it.  


Got an appointment at my Dr’s on Tuesday afternoon and Dr inspected and said best to get checked out at breast clinic.  Appointment came through Thursday and I am being seen on my birthday next week!  


In the past few days I have noticed the red patch now looks discoloured like a bruise with a big vein leading to it going up to my heart and lump feels bigger although is not visible at all, can only feel it.  I am also

aching in my left breast now.  Do you think the aching could just be in my head because of the worry of BC?


I am trying to convince myself that the lump is just a cyst or some fatty tissue but at night my brain is going crazy with possibility it could be cancer.


Thanks in advance x

Hi Jackson’s mum, sorry to hear your having problems, you’ve done the best thing by going to see the Dr, the waiting is the hardest and trying to remain positive and this forum is wonderful, the ladies on here are very supportive, I’m still waiting for my appointment but remains positive positive please let me know how you get on, big hugs Julie x

Thanks Julie. Really hard to not think negatively and my brain is going a million miles an hour, night time is the worst as less to occupy my mind. I often get enlarged lymph nodes in my armpits and take antibiotics when needed for them but have an outbreak atm and hard not to think connected to the lump. 8 more days til appointment so probably 8 days til a decent night’s sleep too!

I hope your appointment cones through soon, likewise let me know how you’re doing.

Thanks for responding, I have a large family and circle of friends but not telling anyone unless absolutely necessary so feel quite alone atm xxx

You will get lots of support from everyone here we are all in the same boat so to speak, my appointment is end of march but my dr trying to get it escalated, i have dimpling thickening and my nipple is going flatter, when i get pain my nipple retracts and also not a good family history , i had papilomas removed exactly 2 years ago from same breast and this forum is amazing i think weve all thought the worst its natural , i feel better knowing i have an appointment so thinking of you xx

Hi just had call from breast clinic theyve brought my appointment forward its on monday hope your appointment goes smoothly keep in touch xx

Thank you im in london staying with my daughter so flying home earlier on sunday, hope you have a lovely birthday will be keeping everything crossed for you xx

Hi jacksonsmum
Yes fab news a little annoying as they didnt scan over nipple where the pain is just where there dimple is and thickening i did tell dr up there the problem with nipple but they know best seeing my gp in april to see if they told her why im having problems. Keeping everything crossed for you xxx

Happy birthday jacksonsmum, sending hugs and keeping everything crossed for you today xx