Breast & armpit pains


Back in July 2018, I went to see my doctor as I was having some breast pains in the night when I lay on my side. I was told to wear supportive tops and see how it went. After this the pain stopped for a while, but about a month ago, it came back but I was having these pains in my breast in the day and also found I was having pain in my armpit too. So I went back to my doctor, who felt my armpit and under my breast and advised it was muscular pain so to rest and take anti inflammatory tablets. Well, this just didn’t seem right to me. So the next week I went back and spoke to a different doctor, who properly examined me. He couldn’t feel anything or see any thing worrying, but has managed to get a 2 week urgent appointment at the hospital. 

My appointment is on the 18th, and I’m freaking out. Some days I’m ok and not worried at all, but other days, like today the pain is a little worse and I’m struggling really bad. My emotions just go crazy and I can’t control the tears. I’m finding it hard as I have two young girls and I don’t want them to pick up on something being wrong. Trying to be strong for me and my family but so hard. Any advise on how to keep positive or anything would be greatly appreciated. X

hi Sophs,

There’s nothing more you can do now & you have been referred to be properly checked out. The chances of it being bc is the least likely outcome & chances are, there’s a much more common reason behind it.

It is hard not to let the mind go into overdrive though, however, it can help to keep busy, carry on as normal & not googling.  Also, try to remind yourself that no amount of anxiety or stressing is going to change the outcome & can only make the wait more difficult. 

Most likely all’s well, it usually is.

ann x



Sophs_89 I hope you don’t mind me asking how you got on? I hope all is well? 


I am having similar symptoms to yourself (and also have a veryyoung daughter) and driving myself crazy whilst waiting for my appointment at the breast clinic. Feeling so worried/anxious xx 

Hi there!I don’t know how to stay positive. 

I m full of nerves. 

I want to cry. My appointment is on 24of June. 


I m wishing you all the best! Be strong and hopefully it’s just a syst!