Breast biopsy results appointment

Hi all,

I was seen at the breast clinic earlier this week. After a mammogram, ultrasound and 2 core biopsies I was told I have 20mm mass with lymph nodes that appear clear which they are certain Is breast cancer. 

I have an appointment late next week which is apparently due to last up to 2hrs. Can anyone tell me what is likely to happen in this appointment please? Will I be told what type and grade of cancer I have and ER/HER/P receptor status at this appointment and get an idea of a treatment plan? And potential dates for surgery etc

im doing OK at the movement, oddly calm, but do much better anxiety wise if I know exactly what to expect!





I can’t help much as I’m also in the same situation . My appointment for results is on the 11th , sure time is standing still .


just wanted you to know someone there and listening . 
lots of love to you xxx

Hello ladies

Sorry you find yourselves here but it is a great place for support and finding out other peoples experiences.

At my results appointment I was told the initial findings from the biopsy i.e size, hormone and HER 2 status. They gave a date for surgery.

Please be aware that things can change following surgery, the size of mine was larger than previously thought, this happens because until they get the tumour out they cannot say for certain the size.

They may tell you your treatment plan includes rads and/or chemo but again until you have had surgery they cannot give a definite plan as things can change. Mine was initially surgery, rads and hormone therapy, however after 2 surgeries to get clear margins my tumour was sent off for oncotype testing which then changed my treatment plan to also include chemo and bisphosphonates.

Try not to think of this meeting as a definite treatment plan, more like them sharing the information they have found out so far. Until all results are in they can’t give you a definite plan.

No matter what develops there are lots of people on here to support you and listen to any gripes or moans you may have, it’s a safe place to express any thoughts you may be feeling.

Best wishes and hugs

Joemic x