breast biopsy

Last Wednesday I went to have my regular annual mammogram and ultrasound. I have fybrocystic breasts and have been doing it regularly each year. I have a cyst that has been left there. This time they repeated the mammogram and then when I went for the ultrasound, the technician told me that she was going to call the Doctor as she couldn’t see what the doctor said. The doctor came and did herself the ultrasound, made me make sounds like eeeeee and then told me that there was something suspicious and that she preferred that I had a biopsy, the one that is with local anestesia to make sure what was that abnormality there. I am scared to death and having stopped thinking about that. I cannot feel nothing in my breast and I am very scared. They are supposed to call me this week to schedule the date for the biopsy, I am 55 years old and am under Hormone Replace Therapy. I am very scared.

Hi anate27,

Just wanted to pop in and say hello, everyone says that waiting is the worst time, your mind does go into overdrive and you feel very emotional. Keep yourself busy, easier said than done! The biopsy is fine, nothing to worry about, no pain because area is numbed so don’t worry about that part.
It is normal to be in shock, you just can’t believe it and everything seems surreal.
Keep posting, any questions you may have the people on here are fantastic and help you through your journey. Please let us know how you get on, take care and lots of hugs to you xx

Thank you!!! I Am trying to stay calm and praying I hope everthing comes out fine. Does a biopsy always mean that something is wrong? I am very nervous

Anate, no it DOESN’T always mean something is wrong. I believe the figures are that 9 out of 10 referrals to a breast clinic turn out NOT be cancer, and half of all biopsies come back as nothing to worry about. I was referred to a clinic about 8 years ago, and it was nothing but fluid-filled cysts. Last year I was referred again, and what I had found were cysts. Unfortunately the very skillful doctor found something else suspicious that I hadn’t noticed, and that turned out to be cancer. After that I had another biopsy, and even knowing that I already had a tumour, that second biopsy turned out to be normal breast changes. So 2 out of 3 trips (and several since) turned out to be nothing to worry about. Darn shame about the other one but hey, I’ve managed to get through this last year.

So you do have a good chance of it not being anything serious, and even if it is you have found a fabulous resource to help you in the form of these forums.

God Bless you for being such a caring person. I hope Mine turns out to be benign. I have an Appointment tomorrow morning to get more detalla.THANKS again

I forgot to Ask you how aré you doing? i hope everything is okay

Hi anate27,

Just wanted to wish you all the very best for tomorrow, please let us know how you get on, lots of hugs xx

Thank you. Will let you know

Hi Katytc. I went to my Primay Doctor this morning. He told me about the results of the radiologist. Says that there is a cyst that is around 8 mm that has irregular shape that needs to be biopsed. They cannot tell whether is good or bad until the biopsy is done, there is a 50/50 but is very small. They are scheduling an appointment for the biopsy. He told me to stay calm, that we have to wait the biopsy and that I have been very proactive with my breast health doing my mammograms every year. I am now waiting for them to call me. Thank you for your support and good wishes.

hi anate27,

Well, another wait for you, so will keep my fingers crossed, hopefully you will know soon, biopsy is fine not sore because the area is numbed beforehand so don’t worry about pain etc! Please keep us up to date, lots of hugs to you xx

Hi katytc
I will have my biopsy done on next Thursday. Still frightened and nervous. I am praying that everything comes out okay. Will let you know.

hi anate27,

Thursday won’t come soon enough for you, it is such a difficult time because you fight with your inner self saying it’ll be ok verus no it won’t. Try to keep busy anything not to have to think too much, also remember you maybe worrying about absolutely nothing!! Fingers and toes crossed for you, take care xx

You are so true!!! I try to think positive but negative thoughts come to my mind. I am trying to be busy, but I cannot lie to you, it is very hard. I hope that this is an experience that will make me grow no matter what the result is, but I am praying that is nothing. Thank you so much for taking the time to support me. I will put you in my prayers too! God Bless you.

Hi, Just wanted to say best of luck for you tomorrow, take care and special hugs to you xx

Hi Katytc I just had my bipsy yesterday. Kind of little painful as it was very inside. The radiologist told me that it looked suspiccious but that we had to wait for the results. They promise they’ll do their best to have them by today. Praying that everythng turns out fine. Thank you for your concern. Will keep you posted.

Hi anate27,

Have you had any news yet, am thinking of you xx

Hi Katytc, I don’t have the results yet. I don’t know it the radiologist will call me or my Doctor. Will let you know.

Hi Katytc

I just got my diagnosis: inflitrating carcionma low grade, ductal carcinoma in situ low grade. I am in the process of getting an appointment with two surgeons, and will let you know. Amazingly in calm, I am trying to cope with this new that took me kind of prepared. Thanks for your support.

hi anate27,

So pleased you now know what you are dealing with, the uncertainty is awful. Good news that it’s low grade, when you have your plan things are kinda taken out of your hands and you go on a whirlwind journey! I’m glad you are calm, it’s weird but I just knew with the recall that I had bc, so kept saying to myself what’ll be will be and tried to keep stress free. Easier said than done, please keep posting and keep me up to date lots and lots of hugs to you, has seemed a long wait, take care xx