Breast - bone - lung

My mum is starting radium today to her spine as the oncologist said this needed to be sorted immediately, though I am really worrying about how breathless she is now they have said its in her left lung and are offering cape once she’s finished radium .( will this reduce the breathlessness does anybody know ? She has battled bone mets for 3 years and after managing her pain meds can go to work and get on with life . 3 weeks ago she started getting breathless and has got worse and very tired … Will they give radium to the lung to stop the breathlessness Or will they hope the cape will do that …? I am getting in a pannick now as nothing has really been explained … Please could anybody give me some and how to go about it with the oncologist X Thankyou in advance

Dear Law

I am sorry that no one has been able to respond to you yet.  Whilst waiting, please do give our Support line a call, 0808 800 6000.

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