Breast burning when i turn over or move my breast in my bra so worried never had this pain before :(

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As stated above. I started getting this pain a week ago today when I first noticed the pain I was in a rush and a bit sweaty I had rushed to change my bra and I quickly shoved my left boob in my bra and this horrenous pain came over me it was like a burning pain through my whole breast. I thought to myself weird it stopped me in my tracks and went out and ingnored it as thought it was just because I had rushed out the door and was sweaty but now it’s still happening and it’s when i move my boob in my bra its so bad it catches my breath or when i roll over its like a burning pain through my whole breast into my nipple its so hard to explain :frowning: so I google I know bad and all i keep seeing is IBC I have had a feel about it doesn’t hurt to feel and there are no lumps as far as I can feel i have always had big boobs but never any pain so this is all new to me I am 30 years old no children but plan to next year so I don’t think i could be an infection? if it’s not that what else could it be? I plan to see the docs after easter hols I am just so scared because i cant find anyone else discribe this and i need to wait till tuesday :frowning: Life has finally got good for me I have had bad mental health problems and finally got over them i have a move to a brand new house ive been waiting for 7 years and hubby now has a great job finally and now this I am so upset it’s unreal :frowning:


I think it is something bad as like i say for being a big boob woman I never get pains. I also in the last 2-3 weeks have struggled to get out my bed usually i’m straight up but i have in the past gone through not being able to just get up so trying not to link it but its really hard not too! I’m terrifed I get told I have the C word and months or weeks :frowning: I just need to chat I am just so scared :frowning:


Thanks to all who reply 

Hi Worried,

Well, of all the things it could be, bc especially IBC is the LEAST likely thing it could be, so try not to panic. 

As we say to many worried ladies on here, it really is NOT a good idea to google general symptoms, it only creates a whole shed load of unnecessary anxiety as it is too general to be specific to you & a lot of info is out of date. 

All you need to do, which you’re doing anyway, is to see you gp to get it checked, you maybe referred to a breast clinic, which is normal procedure. The clinic is for all conditions, not just bc.

Chances are all will be well, the vast majority of women who post here get the all clear, no matter what their symptoms are.

Come back if you need to chat further

ann x



Hello and welcome to the forum.


FIrst thing to remember is that most breast conditions are not cancerous, there are a lot of benign breast conditons as well.


It is worrying time when you have something like this happen and especially at a time when there is a bank holiday, but the first thing to do is to call your GP surgery on Monday to get an appointment so that this can be checked out,


You are soooo right, googling generally is BAD, there is so much misinformation out there and you will only scare yourself more because you then read too much into the symptoms you are experiencing  The trouble is we are in a state of anxiety when something like this happens and we imagine all sorts of things it is very difficult to think rationally about it…


Try to enjoy the rest of your weekend and think about all the good things that are going on for you and hubby.


Let us know how you get on and sending you a hug.


Helena  xx

Thanks for the reply ladies I was having a really bad day when I posted worrying but I went out over the weekend and I’ve been taking my mind off I phoned up today to be told its nothing to worry about and they booked me for Thursday then the nurse grumped and hung up on me! I really think some of them need better attitudes at my practise as its hard enough talking about it! Thanks for the hug ? I will post back when I know more its a nice day so going to go out thanks again for the replies xx

Just a wee update doctor looked at them first then had a feel about and said it was just due to the size of them lol said the burning will be from the ligaments stretching and to wear a night bra and said that is a problem for naturally big breasted woman unfortunately but she had a good check around and said nothing to worry about so just an update incase anyone else has this problem but she agreed any changes come back and to always get them checked out no matter how small a problem and told me what to look for if there was an issue and how to check properly every month they are tender but again she said its also cos I’m getting older.