Breast cancer again after 20 years!


I never expected to be hear the words ‘You have Breast Cancer’ again after 20 years!  In June 1999 I had a mastectomy for a Grade 2, 2cms size Infiltrating ductal carcinoma, 15 months  later I had breast construction with a pedicled Tram Flap.  All went very well.

In March had a mammogram recall, beginning of April had an ultrasound and biopsy.  I have now been diagnosed with a Grade 2, 8mm invasive lobular breast cancer in the other breast.  After having a Bone Scan (all clear), breast MRI which showed up another suspect very small area 4mm away from the other tumour had to have another biopsy although was told that results may not be conclusive!  It’s looking more likely that It will be a mastectomy then a lumpectomy but having already had reconstruction on my other breast, have now got hard decisions to make.  

Would like to hear from anyone having gone or going through a similar situation.

I’m in a similar position and confused about what to do about reconstruction. I had a mastectomy for DCIS 7 years ago but didn’t have reconstruction at the time. I was later found to have BRACA2 and have been having a yearly mammogram on my other breast. Last month I was diagnosed with a new primary cancer in my remaining breast and am due to have another mastectomy and lymph node clearance in a couple of weeks. This time I have been offered reconstruction and I don’t know what to do. I’m now 70 years old and have a loving intimate relationship with my husband and I know he will miss my remaining breast but above all wants me to be well. I’m fearful of what I will look like with no breasts at all but also don’t know whether if I go ahead with reconstruction of this second breast whether it will be possible to have my other breast reconstructed after such a long time. Has any one else faced this?