Breast cancer again

Hi ladies

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer again. I had an mastectomy with reconstruction last time, using my back muscle, which has left me with a lot of back pain so wont be doing that again. I’m thinking of having the reconstructed breast taken away, so no breasts. Sorry I’m crying while I’m writing this, haven’t got my head round it yet. 

My question is, is there someone out there who has had the reconstructed breast removed and what do they do with the muscle? My consultant was a little vague on this point. 

Hello Oppsadaisy,

My heart goes out to you, what a brave lady you are, I also had LD reconstruction 5 years ago, have been uncomfortable since with back pain, I’m very interested in what your outcome will be so please keep me posted, I don’t know how this surgery is performed. My cancer returned in the other breast, however I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy.

Wishing you lots of luck with your surgery, I always say one day at a time, a good cry is a good medicine.

Big hugs from me to you Tili