Breast cancer and depression

Hi. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in june. Im currently on my 2nd round of chemo and the side effects haven’t been too bad. Ive just been feeling really low lately. Ive got anxiety and depression anyway and ive got antidepressants (which i struggle to remember to take) but sometimes i struggle to cope with all this. Im seeing my consultant 22nd sept for a check up, i really hope the chemo is working. Then, if that works it will be surgery. Im terrified about it, ive never had an operation before and i think about if something went wrong. I just wanted to speak to others, i talk to my family but, of course, they don’t really understand. Sorry for the long and depressing post! Its just one of those days

Hi Amy Chemo can impact on mood Amy, please phone the number on here and use the ask the nurse or someone like me option. Step by step a day at a time you will get through. For op get short sleeve button front pyjamas, dressing gown with big pockets and a tie bit on the inside (for the drains if you are having them) pair of flip flops for in hospital hand cream, lip balm, anosol (operation meds can bung you up) for me I had op first and it was doddle compared to chemo, rest up properly after op, do you exercises and take it steady no heavy lifting hoovering or anything like that, you allow your body to knit back together Do discuss with your team too because they could give you something to calm you if needed before op Hope this helps a bit :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Amy

My heart goes out to you - I started my journey in January and most of it was through covid and last Friday after chemo, surgery (lumpectomy and full lymph removal) I finished radiotherapy.

I totally get how you are feeling - I don’t generally suffer with depression but a cancer diagnosis and all the related treatments play with your body and your mind for sure.

You have done right joining this forum, I started to really use it after surgery and log on now most days just to see what the latest is and respond as and when I hope I can add value or start a new thread if like you I need support.

I’ve reached out to both the Breast Cancer service and Someone Like Me and would recommend both.

I’d never had surgery before and was somewhat terrified (even getting them to confirm when I was in theatre I definitely wouldn’t wake up during the process which of course I didnt) but I was well looked after, came out with a drain and was then looked after by some lovely district nurses.

I’m waiting for my own team to call me as now have lymphodema in my hand which is getting me down but am hoping once I get the referral sorted, we can start to help that.  Post treatments finishing am feeling very emotional - like a comfort blanket has been taken away but that’s all normal too apparently.

I’ve had a number of friends who have been through breast cancer but until I embarked on my own journey, had no idea how they really felt but now I do, don’t stop talking to your family or anyone else and us on here.

Oh and my latest recommendation is a real cheesy series on Netflix with some eye candy - solves nothing but pure escapism from any reality for a while.

Much love


Hi Amy1988, Sorry you’re feeling low.  Your emotions are completely understandable and normal given what you are going through.  The cancer journey is scary and you’re going through it during COVID.  I had a terrible time with depression after my diagnosis in 2017.  I had 8 rounds of chemo.  The Docetaxol made me feel very low at times and so did the mastectomy.   I think we put on brave faces for ourselves and those around us but being strong gets tough at times.  My escape is getting out for a walk in nature.  I always feel good when I’m out walking.  If you can find something which helps you to escape the thoughts a bit then you can focus on getting through the physical stuff.  As Shi suggested, perhaps consider calling Breast Cancer Now for a chat.  Let us know how you’re getting on. Sending hugs. Xx

My friend had the same problem and he found a new hobby. He started gardening. He has never done this before and it was and it is really exciting for him even now. He lives with an idea to grow something new and it helps him. He is just looking for any information about growing new fruits or vegetables, something like this and do this. If you will also find any hobby that will take all of your attention you will probably forget about everything and you will be in a good mood. Think about this.