Breast cancer and fertility

Hey diagnosed end of feb with ductal Her2 negative ER positive breast cancer had a lumpectomy and sentinel biopsy thankfully lymphnodes are all clear
Awaiting chemo therapy which will be starting end of April early May, followed by radiotherapy

Had my fertility appointment last week and been told because my BMI is 35.5 I can’t have fertility treatment and I have to loose wait and I’m absolutely devastated. Has this happened to anyone else

Just can’t stop feeling like everything is against me right now


Welcome to the forum @catfitz1

I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis and the issues you are having around fertility treatment. It’s no wonder you feel like everything is against you at the moment, it’s a lot to deal with.

The forum is full of kind people and I hope that you find the support you’re looking for. Please also know that our nurses are here for you any time, here on the forum on the Ask our Nurses your questions or over the phone 0808 800 6000.

We’re thinking of you,

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Really sorry to hear this. I was also denied fertility treatment on nhs due to age.
Im not sure of all criteria but would you consider looking into freezing your wggs priavtely?
In the end i decided against going private for a number of reasons. I always thought i wpuld be a mum but circumstances have been against me.
Im a year down from my decision & i dont regret it.
I hope you are able to find peace with whatever you decide


Hi @catfitz1 , I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis and the outcome of the fertility consultation. I don’t know the full details, but it does seem unfair to me to deny you fertility preservation on the basis of BMI. It would be worth checking the NICE guidelines too. I was offered egg freezing even though I had just turned 40 (under age 40 was their standard cut-off), so the hospital made an exception at their discretion. Is there anyone you can contact at the hospital to put your case forward again? Perhaps speak to Breast Cancer Now for advice and also to understand the NICE guidelines for offering fertility preservation. I really hope you can get somewhere.


I have but it’s just soo expensive and an expense I just don’t have at the moment if only you knew what was infront of you I’m very conflicted about everything but also don’t feel I’m in the correct headspace to make the decision, or I just don’t want to I’m really not sure it’s such a whirl wing is emotions

Thank you for reaching out :two_hearts:


Iv not long off a call with my dietician and she’s currently going to right a letter fighting my case my breast nurses have also been so supportive and are trying there best to help to everyone seems to be shocked this have happened epically with it only being .5 over what it should be. I still have a few weeks so doing what I can to loose a little and really hoping that if they see I’m trying they will make a decision on doing the treatment, I completely understand the rules for implanting but I’m not asking for that only to have the chance later on,


So sorry to hear this - it sounds so unfair and I really hope they can sort it for you (or have already - just realised I might be late to this post!).

Got my diagnosis last week in the midst of trying for a baby and it sounds like I’ll not be getting anything from the NHS either due to my age (41). Private treatment looks very expensive so no idea what the way forward is. Other than more heartbreak.:mending_heart:

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