Breast Cancer and Lymph Nodes

Hello All,

I have been recently diagnosed with cancer in my left breast and some lymph nodes (after biopsies). I have a date for a mastectomy where he will also ‘clear out’ my lymph nodes. Please can somebody send me a good outcome story as I am very anxious about the affected lymph nodes. On the positive side I have had bone and CT scans and they were clear. Many thanks.


Sorry to hear your diagnosis. I had to have all my lymph nodes removed as one of my three sentinel nodes was positive. After a long three week wait I found out that all of these were clear so just need radiotherapy and hormone treatment. 

Wishing you all the best,

karen x

Hello Littlemo,

Thinking of you, my good wishes for your surgery. I had a Mastectomy 5 years ago all my nodes were clear (right side) didn’t need chemotherapy or radiotherapy, however unfortunately 14 month ago the cancer decided to return the left side, this time just a lumpectomy with radiotherapy, however nodes were clear again. So keeping my fingers crossed for you for a good outcome with the nodes.

Look after yourself take one day at a time, brave lady let us know how your getting on.

Big hugs Tili :rainbow:

Hi, I decided on a lumpectomy, and will be having a axillary lymph node too. I’m worried about lymphedema and having to protect the arm. When are you having your operation? Mine is the 7th July. When is yours? I’m having a LD flap to my breast x