Breast cancer and progesterone pill

Hi there,

Diagnosed with intermediate DCIS in July. 2 x WLEs later, about to start radiotherapy. They don’t test for hormone receptors with DCIS in my hospital so I dont know whether I am oestrogen and/or progesterone hormone receptor positive or not.


Have been told that I have to come off progesterone only pill by Surgeon and Oncologist.


Have been on this since my twenties due to terrible periods. I am now 52 and not memopausal yet according to recent blood tests (though I know the pill can mask this). No symptoms though.


My own research says that combined pill is defo a big no no, but the jury seems to be out on progesterone only ones. There doesn’t seem to be much research out there re progesterone only contraception. I don’t want to take any silly risks in encouraging this thing to come back but at the same time I am terribly anxious that quality of life gonna be affected by return of bad periods. Oncologist and surgeon both says “it is a risk” being on the pill but they cannot give me any stats or info as to what this risk is.  They says there is very little research done re progesterone only pills. They are more clear about the risks of the combined pill because of the oestrogen content.


Anybody out there stayed on progesterone only pill?

Anyone out there had to come off after such a long time like me? How did it go?

Anyone out there go back onto it after diagnosis?


Huge thanks in advance to anyone replying. 

Hello Caro, I am in a similar position. When I received my diagnosis, I was told that my cancer was both oestrogen and progesterone positive, so I needed to ditch the progesterone only pill that has kept me functioning for a long time (I am 48). I had no problem doing that in theory, but I am awaiting the impact of the decision (it has only been a week) in practice. My doctor did say that I should talk to them about any symptoms I develop such as heavy bleeding etc. I don’t think I will be returning to the pill, but I know that may mean some rough times ahead (in addition to the whole managing BC business). 


I hope you can find a way through and that we can both manage to meet the progesterone-free phase with fortitude. x

I take the progesterone pill for contraception (i’m 49, 50 next month) and my BC is progesterone + oestrogen + and HER2 + but I’ve not been told I need to stop it (yet!!). However, I’ve not seen the oncologist yet concerning chemo so they may advise me about it then? xx

Can’t comment on the pill but I was strongly advised to have my Mirena coil removed when I had surgery. That too is progesterone only. As far as I understand it, if your cancer is hormone receptive it’s likely to be receptive to both oestrogen and progesterone. Fortunately for me I’ve had no problems since having it removed in mid August, I’m borderline menopausal according to blood tests but my chemo will shut everything down I was told. I had the Mirena for heavy periods after my youngest was born and I had them for 18 years in all. Hopefully the withdrawal won’t be as bad as you fear if you are heading towards menopause anyway,
Best wishes for your treatment ladies xx

I had breast cancer last year caused by too much oestrogen! Before this happened, I had been on the progesterone only pill for about 10 years and I felt great as I’ve always felt that I lacked the progesterone hormone. This year I’ve had a hysterectomy as my hormones were still coming through with the tamoxifen and zolidex. I had a full hysterectomy and cannot go on HRT because I cannot have any oestrogen in my body. My anxiety has gone through the roof ! I would really like to know if I can have a progesterone hormone in my body as I’m sure that benefits people after menopause? Is there a progesterone only tablet I can take to settle my symptoms down ?