Breast cancer and some thickening of the tissue underarm

Full biopsy results on Monday next week, but have just reead that if it is my lymph nodes it could spread throughout my body??

Hi Terrier,

I don’t (sorry) know your history, but I recently had the triple assessment due to swelling in both underarms, and it turned out to be a benign condition called accessory breast tissue.

Sass xx

Hi there,

No, I don’t think it is that, they have told me I have a cancer in my right breast and they aren’t sure what else is also affected. It may well be in my lymph nodes. Just a waiting game now. Let’s hope the underarm thing isn’t anything.

Thanks for typing.

Currently thinking whether or not to put my entire life on ebay.

Ellie xx

Hi Ellie,so sorry you are having to go through this.If the cancer is found in your nodes this does not mean that the cancer has or will spread to other parts of the body, there are many people who have node involvment and are doing very well.I had two very swollen nodes and one of them had cancer in but the other didnt.I was diagnosed in september 2007 had chemotherapy,radiotherapy and am now on tablets for 5 years,and (touch wood) everything is well at the moment.Good luck with your results,and remember there is always someone on here to help and understand what you are going through.

love mel

Hi Ellie, you little terrier you! I’m so sorry you have had to join us, and are feeling so downhearted. Please don’t feel you have automatically received a death sentence, the chances are that your treatment, which will be tailor-made for you, will successfully deal with your cancer.

I was diagnosed in January 2007 after finding a swollen lymph node in my right underarm. The lymph node contained breast cancer cells, and an MRI scan showed two very small cancerous lesions in my right breast.

I was also given a bone scan, CT scans of my body and chest x-ray to check for any visible spread (there was none).

I had a mastectomy (lumpectomy wasn’t possible because there were 2 breast tumours), and all the lymph nodes under my right arm removed. As it turned out, only the one node was affected.

I then had chemotherapy, JUST IN CASE any too small to be seen cancer cells had escaped to elsewhere in my body, but this doesn’t mean they definitely had, the chemo was precautionary, to kill any that may have been hiding.

After chemo I had radiotherapy to the right chest (again a just in case procedure), and because my tumours were Oestrogen and Progesterone as well as HER-2 positive, I am on tablets for 5 years and have just completed a year of Herceptin (which is intravenous).

As you can see I’m still here (and hopefully, disease free) to tell the tale.

Good luck with your treatment plan, and remember we are all here to help carry you through.


You all sound so together! I must get some of my fighting spirit back - from somewhere! I watched my 1 year old play today and she looked so happy, it made me cry…

Life does go on and you are all good examples of that. Justme. You sound AMAZING. Pure grit.

I’ll let you know how I go on Monday. Trying to remain half full, rather than half empty…


ellie - you’ll get there…the fighting spirit comes and goes, mary x

Hi, just wanted to say that after i had my biopsey my armpit went really swolen and i was convinced it had spread to my nodes, turns out the tumor was completley isolated and no sign of spread and was tiny! i had a double mast and full lymph’s removed and my surgeon told me at the time that my nodes were swolen, i prepared myself for the worse and all turned out as well as possibly can in the end! it was all down to the biopsey. Try and keep your chin up and good luck, x x

Hi to you all. I have just joined the forum. I was diagnosed end of Jan with invasive ductal carcinoma. I had a lumpectomy and some nodes removed from armpit, although I had no swelling there. One of 8 nodes was affected, but unfortunately there was no clear margin around the lump they removed and the breast had so much ductal carcinoma that I now have to have a mastectomy and the rest of the lymph nodes removed. i don;t know what else they may do later, as I am just praying the other lymph nodes will be clear. What a roller coaster ths all is. It is great to read the comments from the people who have gone through it all, and I wish you all luck. Will let you know how it goes.
Love x

Hi to you all.I was diagnosed april 2005 with IDC(invasive ductal carcinoma),I had a mastectomy and 12 nodes removed-1 was affected.A friend of mine had 4 nodes affected 25 years ago.She had mastectomy and radioterapy without chemo because her liver was sensitive and is OK.
I had 8 chemo and 18 rads and Iam also OK.I wish you the same good luck,like my friend.Lots of love,Felina

Its so nice to hear some good news stories. So many of us with nodes affected need these. Lynn x

Hi just reading some of the comments about lympe nodes I had a masectomy done left side seven years ago In February this year I noticed swelling under my armpit I attended the breast clinic and they did a biopsy on a swollen lympe node Five weeks ago I had to go back to breast clinic as the pain is very noticeable the scan showed the same swollen lympe node they sid there is no change in the size of it,Am I being foolish to worry its just that it can be painful,the first time they said it was an infection can an infection last for eight months also across my ribs is a bit gritty and veins are all sticking out anyone else notice anything like this.thanks