Breast cancer awareness month

Breast cancer awareness month

Breast cancer awareness month Hi guys

Hope you don’t mind a woman crashing your post. I was diagnosed with bc 6 weeks ago
and the whole pink thing is already starting to bug me. For examlple, some companies bump up the prices of their specially packaged pink products and then donate a measly percentage to bc charities.

I was just wondering how you all felt about the pink ribbon breast cancer symbol as a male sufferer, especially given that most people think it is just a woman’s disease.


The Pink thing Hi Lola

It does get frustrating when nearly everything you read is about Breast Cancer being a woman’s disease!
Ever since I was diagnosed last July myself and my wife have tried to raise the awareness of Men getting Breast Cancer too.
Because I had to fight to get Herceptin I was in the papers and on the news so this helped a great deal.
My wife did the Race for Life (which is for women only!) with some friends and they all wore Blue T-Shirts with slogans on about Men and Breast Cancer. She also had a load of Blue Breast Cancer symbol keyrings made and we gave them out to people and talked to them about Breast Cancer in Men.
I do think that the press, shops etc should take into account more the fact that it does affect men too and splash a bit of Blue in their Pink issues and have a few Blue/Male related products.
Don’t get me wrong I know that a massive number of women are diagnosed every day but some Men are given the devastating news they have Breast Cancer too!

Anyway I hope you are being treated well.
You can get through this.
Be positive!

Stuart W

Blue Hi Stuart

Thanks for your kind wishes. That’s great what your wife and friends did at the race. I’m not a big pink fan but I love blue so I may consider something like this myself. Have you thought about approaching some of the breast cancer charities to ask if they will produce blue versions of their merchandise? It would be nice to be given a choice.

Good for you for fighting to get Herceptin. I hope it’s being kind to you.