Breast Cancer Care clear text survey

Dear All

Following on from focus group research last year, Breast Cancer Care is developing ‘clear text’ versions of some of our breast cancer information. These versions will be less detailed than our longer booklets while still giving essential information for patients about breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

We hope our clear text format will be helpful to anyone looking for breast cancer information, but especially to people with lower levels of literacy and people who are under stress so struggling to take in a lot of detail.

We’re now at the stage of gathering user feedback on a draft version of our longer booklet Your breast clinic appointment. One of the ways we’re collecting this is via an online survey, which is open between 12 and 31 March 2015.

We’d be delighted if you would take part in the survey. Also, if you’d send the relevant link to anyone else who might be interested in taking part.

Our target audiences for this survey are women aged over 35 and healthcare professionals who may have patients affected by breast cancer. There is a separate survey for each group. The links are below

Patient survey<wbr>r-you-please-complete-our-feedback-survey-about-ou<wbr>…</wbr></wbr>

Healthcare professional survey<wbr>ide-your-feedback-how-clear-text-our-information-r<wbr>…</wbr></wbr>

Thank you so much for helping us continue to improve the way in which we can reach people.

Best wishes