Breast cancer care fashion show

Just wondering if anybody else has been selected as a model for the bcc fashion show. I’m going to the one in Glasgow and know two other girls from here who are going too… Angie and Emma. Would be nice to make contact with anybody else who is also doing it.

I’m heading off to glasgow this morning for a makeover session with my mum and daughter courtesy of the Sunday Mail as we are being interviewed about out experience of breast cancer… Very nervous but looking forward to it at the same time… Mum and daughter even more anxious as they don’t do photos normally.

Looking forward to seeing others on may 7th

Lulu x

waaaahey lulu joins the ranks of media tart :)))))) show em girl xxx

I took part in the show last year and had a ball…amazing experience! Enjoy every second
s xx

Hi Lulu

I was also lucky enough to be one of the models last year in Glasgow and it was an unmissable event. I hope you get the same highs as I did, it was so exciting and gave me something to look forward too after a difficult year-well done!!!
Cathie x

Oh, how exciting! I’m sure you’ll have a great day.

yeah Lulu
shakin and struttin your stuff, ‘Go Lulu… Go Lulu’ too far for me to come but will have my support in spirit … I’m sure it will be great!!! Jeanette xxxx

Hi there

I’m doing the show in Glasgow. :slight_smile: I will be there on 7th May & really looking forward to meeting everyone! Can’t decide what to wear though - bag of nerves about the photo shoot!

Read your story online just now Lulu and feel very honoured I’ll be sharing this anazing experience with you. Felt quite emotional reading it. Big hugs & see you next week!!! :slight_smile:

Debs. Xx

I’m taking part in the one at John Lewis in Manchester and just wondering if it I was mad to say yes, especially as I’ve put on so much weight in the last year on Tamoxifen! I guess I won’t be the only one! Hey Ho it should be fun, the last fashion show I was in was at College a long time ago.
Well done Lulu sounds amazing xx

Hi, I am also lucky enough to be doing the fashion show in Glasgow this year!! Cant wait :slight_smile: Have heard its an amazing day!!

Looking forward to meeting you Lulu and Debs on Saturday n the rest of the team!!

Oh i am the same as you Debs, cant decide what to wear, dont want to be too dressy, but not 2 casual niether, lol!!!

See you soon, Fiona xx

i kinda had a sneak preview of what the photoshoot would be like by doing the article for the sunday mail.

was really worried about what the article would actually be like but its better than i expected… now feel like a bit of a media tart LOL

its really nice to know a few folk who are going too… really looking forward to seeing you both on saturday.

i hadnt really thought about what to wear but i am going out to a hen night straight afterwards so will need to have something that will last all day… might depend what the weather is like too.

Lyn i have put on a lot of weight since being diagnosed too and i do plan to do something about it but in the meantime me and my jelly belly are just going to embrace this.

Lulu xxx

Thanks for that Lulu, when is your article going to be printed, I’d like to get a copy xx

The letter from BCC had said about taking a smart/dressy outfit for some of the pics I think? I have a dress for it (hope I read it right!?). Are any of you ladies coming into Glasgow that morning? I will be arriving at Central Station about 9.40 if anyone wanted to share a cab out to the Sunday Mail?

So pleased the first shoot was so positive for you Lulu…makes my nerves less jingly! :-).

Starting to get quite excited now! X

hi Lyn

ill post a link to the article t was in yesterdays sunday mail part of the daily record group which is a scottish newspaper and a partner for the BCC fashion show so think it should be ok to post a link to the article.

debs yeah the info says black trousers to wear with a BCC t-shirt and also something dressy… i think i will just wear a top that i can wear in the evening with the black trousers so i dont have to cart a change of clothes around with me to Fees hen night

also it says NOT a black or grey top!

Lulu x


Read the article it was great!!! well you know what I mean when this subject matter never great! xxxx you go girl, wish I was still in scotland!!! xxxxxxx Jeanette edited to say I’d come and cheer you on! x

What a brilliant article. well done and love to you all xx

thanks girlies… lyn can you tell me a bit more about the john lewis thing… i have a friend in manc and she would love to do something like this.

Lulu x

Hi Lulu,

The John Lewis Lingerie evening happens every year in the Cheadle Store and possibly in other stores. I work at JL but had only been to it for the first time last year. I had then had a Mastectomy and Chemo and was off work at the time. I gather the evening is in June but don’t know the date yet. The girls model Lingerie and swimwear as well as a few other garments too. There is usually the woman from “Womanzone” there who does Prostheses and made-to measure swimwear. She fits the Prostheses at The Nightingale Centre, Wythenshawe. It’s a really nice and helpful evening and great to meet all the other girls.
If your friend wants to get in touch she can send me a message with pleasure. xx

Thanks lynn I’ll let her know and she may be in touch xx

Hi Lulu,
Just read your article about your family. How lovely to hear of such a supportive family, it was a lovely story to read except the realisation about your link with BC.
My Mum had BC and I was screened every year until they discovered her cancer was not hereditary. She would be heartbroken to know I have had to endure BC too.

Your Mum must have felt the same.
I’m sure you’ll have a very lively supportive cast when you take to the catwalk. You’ll be divine!
Have a fabulous time. I’m sure we’ll hear more about it…


thanks welshgirl

we have our shoot tomorrow… all 20 of us taking part in the show so looking forward to it.

how did they know your mum didnt have genetic BC? do you have a gene mutation in the family that mum hasnt inherited?

id be interested in hearing more about it.

fiona and Debs ill see you in the morning… im getting into buchanan street and sharing a cab with a friend im meeting at queen street at 9.40… will pm my phone no if you get it beforehand and want to meet up.

Lulu x