I have recently been thrown into this situation and over the last two weeks this has been going on my family and friends have been fantastic , I couldnt cope the way I am with out them , to thank them in a very small way I asked a friend to go to dotty p’s and buy me a load of breast cancer charity pins . I have handed them out to all of my friends that have and are helping me through this time . I makes me feel so much better knowing Im putting to a charity I will be using alot in the future and giving my frinds and family a little gift to say thank you …

What a really nice idea Lisa and every penny helps the well deserved charity.
Well done xx

That is a lovely idea. Its great you have a good family and friends too. Things are rather tough during treatment but then it does get a little easier. Wishing you all well.

Judy x

What a great idea Lisa! I have a group of friends who are offering to be on a rota to drive me for my rads. I think I may buy pins for all of them. Thanks for that.