Breast Cancer Care publications – can you help?

Breast Cancer Care publications – can you help?

We are currently reviewing our Sex and intimacy publication and are looking for quotes that reflect the patient experience.

Sex and intimacy is for anyone dealing with the physical and emotional changes caused by breast cancer and its treatments. It outlines how these changes can alter the way you feel about your body, and how they may affect sex and intimacy.

If you would be happy to fill in a questionnaire about your experiences and willing for us to use your quotes in the publication, please contact by 12 January.

Hi Lizzy- happy to help. I am having an op on my foot tomorrow but after that will be around. k

I am happy to help - this is an important area of the forum. Michelle

I’m happy to help

Oh. Deadline 12th Jan :frowning:

Ooops guess we are a bit late xx