Breast Cancer Care services – have your say!

We’re asking people affected by breast cancer what they would like to have in the way of support services and products and we’d like to hear your views!

After two full day workshops with people with breast cancer, we’ve come up with some key themes and ideas about how we can develop the support we provide in the future. Now we’d like to see if these views are held widely by more people who have received a diagnosis of breast cancer.

If you are living with breast cancer and would like to have your say please complete our online survey here


Is it the case that this survey will only be made available to the users of this site?


Hi Dahlia

In response to your question, the team responsible for the survey have asked me to post their reply here:



Hello Dahlia

Thank you for your interest. The survey is open to anyone who has received a diagnosis of breast cancer – visitors to this site who aren’t registered on the forums can fill in the survey by using the link from the homepage.

To ensure we get a wide range of responses, our research partner has also been carrying out the survey over the phone with people may not necessarily already know a lot about the work we do.

If you know someone who is living with breast cancer that would like to take part but doesn’t currently have access to the internet, please ask them to call Kirsten Connick on 020 7960 3530 and we can arrange for them to complete the survey over the phone.

Sorry for the rush, but please note that the survey closes at the end of next week.

Thanks again for your help.

Many thanks


May I have an email copy of the survey please? I can justify it if you wish but only over PM and none of you seem to be PM-able!