Breast cancer deaths fall in UK

Did you see this on the news today?

My thought regarding the comments from the Dept of Health is to wonder if they going to continue the target of seeing women within two weeks of their GP referral? I thought the Government were scrapping targets.

Ann x

I must admit to feeling a little let down by the health service, if I could have got to screening at 47 then maybe I would have had a better chance of avoiding stage 4 etc. However, I reckon that they ought to start screening even earlier, at 42. There are an awful lot of ladies presenting in their fourties. It’s a huge burden of responsibilty to self check, I thought I was ok at it… evidently not. Even now I am urged to report anything that ‘changes’,increased lump size, increased pain. So it’s now hard not to turn into a raging hypocondriac, every little ache and pain turns into a dire event (in my head anyway) I am sure that I am not alone.

cromercrab - I agree. I was even told at my last check that most problems are found by the patient and not by a mammogram or professional examination, which firmly puts the ball back in my court. As I had lobular bc, I find this very scary. Now my breast has scar tissue, how on earth am I supposed to find thickening, if they can’t? I know they say look for changes but after rads, the breast is so firm it is hard to feel anything particular.

Ann x

Hi Anne and Cromercrab
Your posting is very interesting, expecially the comments from doctors about most cancers being found by the patient. My experience might help others, so here goes!
I had a mammogram in June (routine)which was clear.I woke up one morning in November, and, for some reason did not like the feel of my right breast. I did not find a lump, but, it felt a bit ‘grainy’. I almost did not go to the docotor as I had been told that a ‘grainy feeling is normal’. But, I decided that I would not take any chances so I saw my GP. She said she could not find anything, but, referred me to the BC unit. The mammogram they did showed nothing, just some ‘calcification’ (as they said) but, they also took a biopsy and the next day called me to say that they had found cancer.

The moral of this story; always check out anything you are unhappy about BE A NUISANCE you are worth it. Never worry about ‘wasting their time’ about anything; that is what they are there for! If I had not been persistant about having myself checked, or relied on the mammogram, my cancer would have advanced, unknown to me and my chances of survival would have been much smaller than they are now. So, insist on a biopsy if you are still not happy. I have to say that my health authority (Winchester) were great and, once diagnosed I could not have received faster or better treatment…and the BC nurses were wonderful, nothing ever too much trouble. Hope this story helps someone.