Breast cancer deaths higher among black women

Breast cancer deaths higher among black women

Breast cancer deaths higher among black women —When I went onto the Reuters site to look up the article about younger women and breast cancer I came across another report: based on two research studies in the USA which show that black women are more likely to die of breast cancer and less likely than white women to receive the best treatment.

I think more reserach needs doing on this issue in the UK. BCC did well to highlight differences in breast awareness between black and white women (Same Difference Campaign) but much more needs doing. I know that younger black women are more likely than older white women to have triple negative breast cancer, which is one of the more aggressive kinds of breast cancer, and there has been pitiful research in this area.

One of the US research conclusions is that: “Our research underscrores the need to investigate the role of biologic, genetic and sociocultural factors in breast cancer mortlaity among black women.”

I have no idea how many black women are using these forums but the absence of discussion of any issues specific to black women is very noticeable…I know there are younger women and men using the forums but where are black women’s voices? (I am a post menopausal white women.)


Other issues as well American women of at least some African descent (which is what ‘black’ refers to exclusively in the U.S.) are also known to develop breast cancer about a decade younger than white women and to be more likely to suffer from heart problems from adriamycin. U.S. studies in the West of Africa indicate that although breast cancer is rare there, it is particularly aggressive.