Breast cancer diet books

Hi all

just wondering if anyone can recommend any good books specific to breast cancer regarding diet? 

Hi Sim, I use two books. One is the Royal Marsden Cook book and the other is the Maggies Cook book. Both are excellent, but the RM contains a wealth of info on the different cancers and combating side effects . The Maggies book is simpler, I found, but being soft back it is now a little battered! Both have great recipes and were excellent during treatments helping in so many ways. I bought mine as a combo on Amazon for £20 but the rrp is that each, so a good buy. On advice from my Onco I stayed away from any books promising healing through diet, or anything extreme. He did advise a varied, Mediterranean style diet, so I’ve upped my grain and vegetable intake. I’m also extremely choosy about protein, now preferring to use organic, outdoor reared, or Atlantic wild, wherever possible .I found, unfortunately, that sugar now exacerbates my night sweats so I’ve cut down on cakes, and that’s a big sacrifice. . Good luck, and happy cooking ?