Breast cancer has returned

Hi I’m new to this forum, just joined. I’m waiting for a mastectomy at the end of Jan, and I’m quite anxious, as I keep getting mild pains and itching in the breast which is affected. I’ve been told the cancer is non-invasive, hence the reason I have not been treated urgently, but I still worry about what’s happening inside me! Can anyone put my mind at rest? It’s bad timing now, as helplines are closed today, but I lay awake worrying last night!

Hi Ceciddle

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums where I am sure you will get lots of good support from the many informed users of this site. To help you along while you are waiting for replies I have put for you below links to a couple of BCC’s publications you might find helpful. Our helpline reopens at 9am tomorrow morning if you need to talk to someone in person away from the family. Calls are free 0808 800 6000.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Hi Ceciddle
So sorry to hear you are so worried. Who wouldn’t be?
It might put your mind at rest if I tell you my experiences. I was told there was no rush for treatment when diagnosed in November 2012. I knew nothing about my cancer at that stage, only that I was going to have a mastectomy and a sentinal node biopsy. Was finally given a date for 12/12/12 and that cancer was es+ and pr+, her2 negative. Op went ahead as planned and I got my results through on 31/01/2013. Lump was 3cm, grade 3, 3 nodes removed with one having cancer cells so am now waiting on the oncologist. But my cancer was invasive, so did expect some problems with nodes. Being none invasive could mean that your cancer might not have seeped into nodes, and not having any removed with mx will make recovery a little easier afterwards. The waiting is the worst thing, and there will be loads of other posts coming along before long to ease your mind a little. Good luck for the operation, keep coming on here, and please try not to worry too much. I know it’s hard, but keep remembering they have said your cancer is non invasive. Hugs and love
pg xxx

Thanks so much pg. Like you said, the waiting’s the hardest part, I’m just counting the days! My last time it was invasive as some nodes were postive, and I had chemo, radiotherapy, followed by tamoxifen, then changed to arimidex. It’s all on my profile so I won’t go over it all again. It was just such a shock after 9 years to be told it had returned! Good luck with your ongoing treatment and thanks again for you comment. Really appreciated.

Thanks so much Jo

Hi Ceciddle
Sorry that you’re having to come to this site & are feeling so worried but the fact they’ve said it’s not invasive is a good sign.
I found a lump on my mastectomy site at the beginning of Aug which was recurrence of an invasive cancer however I still didn’t get surgery until the middle of Oct which then didn’t get clear margins so…SIX week wait for 2<sup>nd</sup> surgery which did get clear margins and was told breast cancer is slow growing!!! found that very hard ,so can understand the horrible feelings you have while delayed!
Helpline are fantastic hope they can help settle your fears tomorrow
Hope you sleep tonight!
Love kath

Last year was terrible, my father had cancer so we postponed our wedding on my 50 th birthday and arranged it for
July this year. I had BC 11 years ago in my left breast graded level l had the lump and lymph glands removed followed by radiation treatment and hormone therapy. I was 38, my relationship did not surive the long road to recovery.
I have been with my fiancé for 6 years and on 1st Feb a new primary grade 2 has developed in the same breast because the lymph nodes had been removed it has not spread. I think my breast will be removed and I do not want chemotherapy, I am so frightened the only time I feel better is when I am in bed like now.

Hello Louis,
You have had a really tough time. Cancer really sucks. I just wanted to send you lots of encouragement. It is so hard, but you will get through this. You have to trust in yourself and your fiancee and the love you have for each other. I have had breast cancer twice- first in 2009, had chemo, surgery and rads. Then again in 2012, had to do the long haul again. I was terrified and as scared of the treatment as I was of the cancer. Someone very wise said to me ’ the first time, you are afraid of the unkown, the second time, you know what you are afraid of!’ I used this forum as a source of support and would strongly recommend using the helpline and the one-to-one support. BCC will be able ot put you in touch with a woman who has had a similar experience and this will give you the hope that you too, can get through this.
Rattles x

I have come back to this site after 2 years…had lumpectomy in May 2010, diagnosed with local recurrence just after Christmas and had mastectomy on January 23rd. I feel I am physically coping well with the mastectomy but am now s**t-scared having found out from the oncologist today that I need t go through chemo again. the previous post by Rattles saying ’ the first time, you are afraid of the unkown, the second time, you know what you are afraid of!’ rings very true…
I am scared since finding out for certain I need more chemo but it is a different type of scared to 2 years ago… would appreciate any nuggets of wisdom on offer…

Hi salsal - I can’t imagine how you must be feeling - and cannot offer any wisdom from my perspective. I noticed your post was slipping down the list and wanted to bump it so that you get some responses from those who can be of more use than me.
All best wishes

Sally I am back again with a new primary after 14 years and got one more chemo to go next Monday then surgery. I have found it easier this time round in most respects although it is still hard but you know there is light at the end of the tunnel and you will get there. I know exactly what you mean about the new scared but you have done it once and you can do it again. I wish you well with your treatment and please feel free to message me if you want

Hugs Wendy x

hi sally i had BC in 2006, 2009 and again in 2011… and had to have chemo twice (09&11)… i tolerated it quite well but it was worse the second time… was harsher on my body…

i had epi-cmf in 09 then i had carbo&tax the last time… there was only two years between chemos so was possibly a combination of chemo on top of chemo as well as the fact i had a strong chemo the last time.

good luck to you and wendy with your treatment.

After nearly 15 years clear I never thought I would be commenting on this website but how wrong can you be. I am facing a mastectomy and when the rest of the tests come through it could be a double. I start my pre op tests on the 8th May and should have the date for my op by then. I beat it once and will do so again. My only real worry is that I am so much older than last time and nowhere near as fit So it may be a lot harder to beat.